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8 responses to “Contact

  1. BTw-just wanted to tell you I added you to my blogroll. 🙂

    You posts make me smile.

  2. Annie Bell

    Dear Christine,

    Just to say thanks so much for the lovely review of the book. And the irony is that ‘tomato and chilli jam’ should have been in there! Not quite sure what happened, forgotten somehow. But it is normally our default chutney. Infact I have just developed an oven-baked version for chutney-phobes, which makes it all very simple, so once this has been published in YOU I must remember to send it to you.

    I was also a vegetarian for many years, and a while back wrote a book called ‘Annie Bell’s Vegetable Book’, now out of print but it was very popular. Do you have it, I still have a pile and would be very happy to send it to you if not.

    With best wishes, Annie

  3. mum

    He will always be your bonus boy, enjoy.

  4. Mina Ford

    Loving the pics of Bonus Boy starting school. He looks so grown up. Where has the summer gone? I haven’t seen you since the first day of the holidays. I’ve loved your Timberland stuff by the way. Well done you it’s fab x

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