About Chris

I am an over stretched, thinly spread mother of 4 writing, teaching, tutoring and parenting in Somerset.  My family gets first call on my time, writing is a close second, teaching brings in a bit of useful money and the housework gets neglected with glee.

This blog is about all the things I like to do. There will be the odd rant about things which get my goat and pieces about things which have caught my eye.

It will be full of all the things me and my children have enjoyed doing together over the last 14 years and the new things we are finding to do as we all get older. It is the story of all those little letting-gos as my lovely husband and I encourage our birds to spread their wings and fly.

I will be posting some of our favourite veggie family recipes, most of which can be cooked in 30 minutes or less with a toddler sitting on the work surface, an older child moaning about a grumbling stomach another one asking for homework help and yet another needing to be picked up from an after school club.

We spend a lot of time outside growing stuff and the garden has been my escape since they were tinies. I feel I am still being a good Mum while I’m planting seeds and pulling weeds accompanied by various small children digging holes, making fairy houses, climbing trees and holding tea parties. So I will be posting stuff about gardening with kids (and without) too.

I am also a freelance copywriter and photographer and an unpublished (as yet) fiction writer so I will be sticking some of my writing on here too as well as some tips and ideas which have come out of the fiction writers’ workshops which I run.

I hope you enjoy sharing bits of my life with me and that you will post a comment so I know you are out there!


You can email me at camosler@aol.com

I am on Twitter @christinemosler and on Facebook as Christine Mosler

30 responses to “About Chris

  1. how lovely to meet you. Enjoy blogging! I blog for myself but I’d lie if I said it wasn’t lovely when others enjoy the blog too!

    I shall look forward to reading more.

  2. Sounds like a lovely life! I’m at the toddler on the work bench stage at the moment, so 30 min recipes sound good to me. If you haven’t already visit Josie at sleepisfortheweak.org.uk for a great writing workshop x

  3. Ah yes – toddlers and teenagers together in the one house – I do wonder what mine find to fight about given their vast age gap but they manage. Oh how they manage!

    Welcome to the Time Munching Blogosphere🙂

  4. Jo

    Good to have found you – via carrotsandkids – and I look forward to reading more. Especially the veggie recipes🙂

  5. Hi from me too – I’m a newbie too so I know it’s all a bit weird to start off with isn’t it?! You have a lovely blog and look forward to reading some more posts.

  6. Rachel

    What a fab blog!

  7. I’m having a catching-up-with-blogs-afternoon with a cup of tea or three. As a fellow mother of four, I know what it’s like trying to juggle everything. I’ve added you to my blogroll so I can keep a regular eye on your lovely new blog!

  8. I am also a mother of four! Didn’t know there were so many of us. Crazy or what? My eldest is 17 and youngest is 6 so there is always a little of everything going on in my house. We are in Gloucestershire so not too far from you either. I will definitely be keeping an eye on your blog.

  9. Hello again, I just had to read about the you behind the blog. sounds great and I love how you did your bio. lucky kids🙂
    I shall look forward to more blogs and hope to get some veggie tips.
    my blog if you want to have a peek is

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  11. Yet, another mother of four and writer, here. Happy to have found you~

  12. Oh! I’m from Somerset originally. born and bred…born in Weston super Mare, then Burnham on Sea, then Yeovil, then Williton (nr Minehead) and finally Taunton. My Dad was a policeman and we moved around a lot.

    I miss Somerset. Sigh.

    So pleased to have found your lovely blog! x

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  14. Love your blog, I am a mother of four too, 3 boys & 1 girl. Mine are all grown up now and the last one has just left, sob! I do have 3 grandsons now too, thoug 2 of them live in the US. I will make sure you are on my blogroll too.

  15. What a stunningly beautiful Title pic you now have Chris. Gorgeous light, fabulous cut of the beach and, of course, a little boy to just die for. I would bring him home right now. xx

  16. I only (!) have three, but agree with the comments about how teenagers and pre-tweens can still argue…and fight. I’ll add you to my blogroll, when I’ve worked out how to make it!

  17. Sounds great, will read your blog with interest. May even have some questions about the veggie patch, I’ve done a bit but am moving into a house with a good size garden so I intend to a have small plot. Zoe x

  18. Kathy Richardson

    Thanks for putting up the Red Dragon Pie recipe – I was wondering what to make with aduki beans when I remembered it from my early eighties veggie-student days. I googled it, and up you came!

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