Extreme Close Up

I love getting up close to my subject when I’m taking pictures, particularly of plants and flowers. Over the next few weeks I am going to have plenty of opportunities to do this as I have been given the opportunity to go behind the scenes at Chelsea Flower show (more on this tomorrow!)

This week I have got up close and personal in my kitchen with this tulip. I love the delicacy of its colour topped off with those dangerous looking but oh so gentle spikes

This post was written for The Gallery at Sticky Fingers


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17 responses to “Extreme Close Up

  1. wendymcd83

    That’s beautiful…such detail! x

  2. What a beautiful colour…..I love the texture on the edge of these tulips too. Makes me want to touch them a bit too much though!

  3. Lovely tulips! Can’t wait to hear about your behind the scenes opportunity – I’d love to go to Chelsea!

  4. Ali

    So pretty, there is so many pretty small details around us that we often miss. Flowers when you look at them close up are really amazing though, even weeds🙂

  5. Kate Takes 5

    Gorgeous Chris. One day I will be able to take photos like this!

  6. I love spring – the flowers, the colours are beautiful and this is a rather spesh tulip. Great shot. Cx

  7. I love Tulips. The bursting bulbs are really making me feel springy !

  8. The lighting is superb. It especially enhances those somewhat dangerous edges. Beautiful.

  9. I love tulips and this one is glorious.

  10. I love the delicate little ruffles round the top of the flowers… almost looks like feathers


  11. I love close ups of flowers as well. Your tulips are beautiful; I love the detail and the shades of pink. Deb.

  12. oh wow such detail, so very pretty

  13. Very pretty. There seems to be a lack of tulips in gardens. Loads of dafs everywhere. Think I may have to go on a tulip hunt🙂

  14. Stunning pics-through my directing work I often like to shoot in Extreme Close Up-gives an intimacy like no other framing. The BBC don’t always agree with me though!

  15. WOW! I don’t usually like tulips all that much, but have changed my mind after seeing them up close in so many of The Gallery posts.

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