The Things They Say and Do – The Super Leg!

This week Bonus Boy has been very charming, he seems to have developed a politeness strain which has by-passed the rest of us. If he doesn’t hear what someone says he looks them straight in the eye and very gently enquires ‘I beg your pardon?’ I try very hard not to laugh, I don’t always succeed.

There has been more scootering but, on Wednesday, he told me he thought a walk to school would be better ‘I need to exercise my legs Mummy’

‘But scootering does exercise them darling!’

‘Only one of them, I’ll have one very strong leg and the other one will be useless!’

He has also been indulging in his two favourite things, Lego and Harry Potter and came up with this magnificent invention in which Voldermort (‘You mustn’t be afraid to say his name Mummy’) and all his ‘baddies’ can travel together. Genius, Potter doesn’t stand a chance.

He was rather pleased that we were all so impressed!

If yours have made you laugh, cry or scratch your head this week why not join in with the linky? Write a mini blog post recording a funny/clever/eye-opening sentence, word or sound that your child has made or something they have done and you want to keep a record of. Come back here and pop your blog link on the linky widgit (highlighted in red) below this blurb. Please link back to me in your post and go and visit other people’s posts for a giggle/sob/eureka moment. Most of all, use it as a weekly prompt to remind you to keep a record of these precious moments before they slip out of your mind and drift off forever.

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15 responses to “The Things They Say and Do – The Super Leg!

  1. itsasmallworldafterallfamily

    What a gorgeous smile x

  2. Aww what a cutie. That is one impressive vehicle for him who we mustn’t mention😉 x

  3. loving the LEGO creation! Clever boy. x

  4. Mine is about by 92 year old nan. She rang and asked me what anorexia was. I explained, and asked why. She said she’d been telling people, after a blood test that she was anorexic and couldn’t understand the funny looks. I explained she was anaemic

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  6. littleflowerbaby

    Lego is the best isn’t it? So brilliant for the imagination. Love that he looks so pleased with himself!

    • It is! He has ‘Harry Potter’ themed stuff but he uses the characters and builds his own inventions, I love that it enables them to do that. He also has a MASSIVE bucket of hand me down Lego which started with his Dad and was (considerably) added to by his big brothers and sister before reaching him. It will be heading for the attic when he’s done to reappear for the grandchildren😉

  7. He really does make me smile. I have one to do for Mini.

  8. He has a point! he is going to have one super toned thigh!

    beautiful picture x

  9. Well, he does have a point about the scooter!

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