Simnel Cake – Easter Baking!

I love that so many of our festivals and special days have their own cake! Simnel cake is a fond farewell to winter and a welcoming hug to spring and I love making it just as much as I do the Christmas cake. When I baked it yesterday the sun came out and blazed through the kitchen window and I grinned, a lot!

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4 responses to “Simnel Cake – Easter Baking!

  1. I’ve still got a few slices of my xmas cake left! Your simnel cake looks fab, enjoy. Nicola

  2. Wow this looks delicious and I’m usually so stuffed with various Greek cakes at Easter, I’ve never tried this. Will have to now! Thanks.

  3. I love simnel cake! thanks for sharing this recipe the pics look lovely. We’ve been getting really exited about easter too. You might like our special easter hot cross bun post including a recipe!

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