The Things They Say and Do – Muddled Up Words and Wobbly Teeth

I wish I could bottle him at the moment and keep the essence of 6 for whenever I feel in need of some warm snuggliness and a bit of lunacy. He is so excited that he has his first wobbly tooth and is wandering around looking a bit dopey as he pushes his lower front tooth with his tongue. He can’t wait to look like a pirate and keeps bursting into a jolly rendition of  ‘A pirate’s life is the life for me tiddly om pom pom, tiddly om pom pee’ complete with bandy legged dance and side kicks.

He is also using the word ‘Fablious’ a lot which I love and can’t quite bring myself to correct. So many of those words were here and gone in a matter of moments. We will always call umbrellas ‘umberleyleeohs’, he, alas, no longer does.

He’s a bit frisky at bedtime, which is all part of being six. I asked Mr Thinly Spread to go and check on him a couple of evening’s ago and this arrived in the kitchen

Not asleep then?!

If yours have made you laugh, cry or scratch your head this week why not join in with the linky? Write a mini blog post recording a funny/clever/eye-opening sentence, word or sound that your child has made or something they have done and you want to keep a record of. Come back here and pop your blog link on the linky widgit (highlighted in red) below this blurb. Please link back to me in your post and go and visit other people’s posts for a giggle/sob/eureka moment. Most of all, use it as a weekly prompt to remind you to keep a record of these precious moments before they slip out of your mind and drift off forever.

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12 responses to “The Things They Say and Do – Muddled Up Words and Wobbly Teeth

  1. Aww they are just the cutest ages aren’t they. A wobbly tooth, wow that’s a big mile stone xxx

  2. Sweet. I can remember when I lost my first tooth aged 5. My dad put a 50p piece under my pillow.

  3. awwww, we have yet to lose a tooth. I love the Batman costume!

  4. Ella (4) keeps getting upset because her teeth aren’t wobbly yet and she says it’s not fair because KayCee’s always getting wobbly teeth!

  5. Love reading these every week. My 6yo has her second wobbly tooth and is relished wobbling it in front of me, I can’t bare it!

  6. Ahhh who can refuse a visit from Batman! Brilliant – we call tights tigerts for the same reasons!

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  8. plus2point4

    Aww bless him! Who can beat being a superhero before bedtime.I love the way they make words up for things.It’s like Roald Dahl in minature

  9. I too wish I could bottle my boys at the moment

  10. What a handsome and adorable little man you have yourself there. I’d like to bottle my 2 year old up-especially when he tapped away at my laptop today and told me he ‘was working’. Bless x

  11. Good to know that I can expect ours to carry on being cute & funny fora good few more years yet! He seems like a great little boy🙂

  12. I think your six year old is cuter than my two six year olds!

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