The Things They Say and Do – Week 6, The Scooter Edition

I tweeted a panicked little tweet earlier this week.

He wasn’t. I was seriously in the dog house. Luckily, little boys are very forgiving things and I nipped into town yesterday and bought a replacement. His previous scooter had been a birthday present about two years ago when he was Ben10 bonkers and came with an opening drawer to keep his mini figures in. Consequently I wouldn’t let him ride it to school down our cobbled hill because it was INCREDIBLY noisy. The new one is far more suited to the big boy that he is now. Much cooler.

This was how he looked when we set off this morning to scoot to school for the first time. He is wearing his ‘Go Faster’ face.

‘If I put my head down like this Mummy I will go REALLY fast’

The slightly deranged look is compounded by the self designed fringe don’t you think? I cut his hair last weekend and it looked lovely, next morning…hackage. All but one of my children has gone loopy with the scissors, Bonus Boy and Darling Girl both went for the ‘remove my fringe and make Mummy cringe’ option while Tallest Teen decided (aged 5 or so) to de-whisker the cat. Why she stood still while he did this I shall never know!

If yours have made you laugh or cry this week why not join in with the linky? Write a mini blog post recording a funny/clever/eye-opening sentence, word or sound that your child has made or something they have done and you want to keep a record of. Come back here and pop your blog link on the linky widgit (highlighted in red) below this blurb. Please link back to me in your post and go and visit other people’s posts for a giggle/sob/eureka moment. Most of all, use it as a weekly prompt to remind you to keep a record of these precious moments before they slip out of your mind and drift off forever.

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I’m going to take this opportunity to say Happy Birthday to my gorgeous husband and to thank him for helping me raise our irrepressible children!


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10 responses to “The Things They Say and Do – Week 6, The Scooter Edition

  1. That was some cat, my two run a mile from the smalls!

  2. My 8 year old went wild with the scissors a few months ago. I was out, he went into the bathroom and hacked off so much, we almost had to have him shorn to even it out. Husband? Put him to bed without even noticing!

  3. Please post a picture of your whiskerless cat. I found this most amusing!

  4. I bet he did too! Ours are having their hair cut this week too, I’m a bit worried now..

    I’ve included quite a few ‘Things’ – rather than just 1 – in my post: is that OK? Please let me know if it’s not. I wouldn’t want to cause any Silent Sunday-type ill-feeling🙂

  5. Cute-his new hair matches his scooter-he looks like a mini pro scooter rider. Those clearly don’t exist do they. I need more sleep.

  6. I love his go faster concentration face

  7. Oh my word! Is it wrong that I actually want to see a picture of the poor cat?!

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