Bed Time Stories or ‘The Day Mummy Broke My Bed!’

Bed time stories have always been a big feature of our parenting. No matter how busy the evening or how manic the day has been there is always time for a story, no matter where we are.

Obviously the teens and tween now read their own and no longer need me (sob) but I still have my Bonus Boy who has just discovered a love for Roald Dahl which I am more than happy to indulge! The Teens and Tween can’t imagine going to bed without having a bit of a read anymore than I can, and the biggest sanction for a frisky Bonus Boy who is slow to get into his pyjamas or clean his teeth is ‘Hurry up or there will be no time for a story!’

He jumps happily into bed in amongst his many cuddlies and one of us jumps in next to him, book in hand, various voices at the ready. I have developed a magnificent Willy Wonka and my Oompa Loompa songs are breathtaking. However, this jumping does not come without a certain amount of trepidation and I am having to be increasingly more tentative in my approach.¬† Years of shared bed time stories have not been kind to the childrens beds (the others still pile in, grab him for a cuddle and listen to a bit of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) and Bonus Boy’s did recently crack rather worryingly when I sat on it. Closer inspection showed that one of the slats underneath had actually snapped much to everyone else’s amusement.

So it’s probably time for us to have a think about childrens bedroom furniture and accept that he is no longer a babe. He really fancies a cabin bed having slept in a bunk bed on holiday. I am coming round to the idea, now that he is old enough and is less likely to be found upside down at the bottom of his bed. This one from Feather and Black also has book storage which I’m keen on and would free up space in his rather small bedroom. I think¬† I could manage the ladder but if I get stuck I’m sure he could work out some sort of pulley mechanism!

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5 responses to “Bed Time Stories or ‘The Day Mummy Broke My Bed!’

  1. Just a word of warning – they are hideously difficult to make and even more so in the middle of the night when small person has been sick……

  2. We have a bed just like that one and it has put paid to all my reading to GG on the bed. Now I just have to put up with my own bed looking a mess from where we have all been reading on it!

    • Mine gets invaded. I had to call BB yesterday to remove three swords, Dragonology and the clothes he seemed to have fallen out of off my bed so I stood a chance of climbing into it!

  3. How wonderful. Do you all sleep together Brangelina style? My love of Roald Dahl will last a lifetime, good call!

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