The Things They Say and Do – Week 4

It’s half term and Bonus Boy has spent much of this week trotting after his siblings like a puppy, building with Lego and wriggling across the floor wrapped in a blanket pretending to be a slug. He has made me laugh a lot and cry a bit.

When I refused to put the TV on for him he sent me a note which read ‘I hat [hate]you Mummy’ (that was the bit which made me cry a bit) but he followed it swiftly with another one which read ‘I sore [sorry] Mummy’ and I got a huge cuddle.

‘Mummy, I love you very much and I’d like to marry you if you weren’t already taken’

‘Mummy, your tummy is rumbling – shall I pop downstairs and make you a little sandwich?’

Me: I love you so much I could burst

BB: Oh don’t do that!

Me: I won’t it would be terribly messy

BB: And I don’t want lots of popped Mummy on the floor, I’d have to clear it up and I would be sad (at which point he started crying and I had to reassure him that I would not, under any circumstances, pop)

As I lay about lazily in bed watching Mr Thinly Spread get ready for work I was reminded of one of our personal favourites from last year ‘Daddy? Why are you putting underarm hair grow lotion on?’

To join in, write a mini blog post recording a funny/clever/eye-opening sentence, word or sound that your child has made or something they have done and you want to keep a record of. Come back here and pop your blog link on the linky widgit (highlighted in red) below this blurb. Please link back to me in your post and go and visit other people’s posts for a giggle/sob/eureka moment. Most of all, use it as a weekly prompt to remind you to keep a record of these precious moments before they slip out of your mind and drift off forever.

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19 responses to “The Things They Say and Do – Week 4

  1. Awww how lovely and sweet…kids are the best, aren’t they?!
    I have a funny-ish post I wrote yesterday – I shall link up – hope that’s OK!

  2. Gorgeous, funny and a little bit sentimental (in a good way)!

  3. I love these weekly insights into BB’s little mind. I think you have a perfect star there.

  4. Hysterical! What a wonderful little man you have there.

  5. Laughing the the underarm hair grow lotion🙂

    BB sounds so sweet. I am loving the weekly insights too. x

  6. Ahh, that’s so sweet. We’ve had the bursting mum conversion here too!
    I’ve linked up my younger daughter’s contribution. She was thinking about starting her own blog with this idea, but never quite got round to it.

  7. Funny: I’ll try to join in again but I don’t think I can top that!

  8. Pingback: Sunday Funny! Bugisms | Actually Mummy...

  9. I used to do this, and I really miss it – I’m linking up to yours instead!

  10. Just love the offer of a sandwich… so thoughtful!!

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