Listography – Mugs!

I already loved Kate at Kate Takes Five, she’s an absolute star on-line and in real life but now? Now she is on a pedestal, for this week’s listography requires us to show our mugs. No, not our faces – our favourite drinking vessels!

I have an addiction. I cannot pass a charity shop without perusing the crockery shelf and rarely emerge without cups/mugs/plates/bowls/vases/egg cups to add to my growing collection. I use the excuse that ‘I need them’ for my food photography for Fab Food but, if I’m honest, it’s out of control. Kate is allowing cups as well as mugs which is a relief because most of my mugs have been dishwashed to oblivion but my beloved cups are washed lovingly by hand and stored behind glass in a dresser!

This one appeared in a post on Thinly Spread last summer, used as a container for posies of garden flowers

The plate which goes with this one appears in the header of Fab Food. The cups are particularly good for drinking hot chocolate out of and are my absolute favourite charity shop find.

This one used to belong to my Gran and is the best for a nice cup of Earl Grey and a little cake for afternoon tea

And these two are the best for a large mug of tea which really hits the spot. The one on the left is mine and the one on the right is my second born boy’s. It’s his Happy Cup and some of my happiest moments are spent with him, sipping tea and chatting.

Now click on the lovely list below and go and have a nosey at everyone else’s mugs!


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5 responses to “Listography – Mugs!

  1. Mugs are nice but I absolutely love real cups and saucers.

  2. Oh I love your Gran’s one – so delicate looking it’d make me want to drink my Earl Grey with my pinky raised.

  3. I think my mum has one of those white embossed cups, and possibly a plate or two. They are gorgeous. Love your top cup, very prettily decorated.

  4. Oh I love your Grans cup SO MUCH. Gorgeous. (And I know what you’re trying to do with all that flattery but it won’t work!)

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