The Things They Say And Do! (Week 3)

Welcome to week three of my conscious effort to record some of the funny things my offspring say and do and where you can share yours if you have any! This week Bonus Boy has been enjoying doing ‘the white dance’ in long johns and thermal vest, warming me up with the hairdryer and making my heart swell as he spotted a tiny little girl from Reception struggling up the hill to school. He threw her scooter manfully over his shoulder and encouraged her on her way!

He also decided on a new name for himself:

Me: What would you like to drink with your tea today?

BB: Apple juice please and do you think you could call me Squid?

And worked on a new skill:

Me (patiently): Concentrate darling, can you read that word please?

BB (staring intently at me from about two centimetres distance): I am reading your MIND – you are thinking about CHEESE

I can’t leave this week without a little reminisce. On Valentine’s Day 12 years ago I brought my tiny baby daughter home from hospital. When she first learned to talk and found out when her birthday was she mispronounced the month. Featherbury has stuck. We rather like it!

To join in, write a mini blog post recording a funny/clever/eye-opening sentence, word or sound that your child has made or something they have done and you want to keep a record of. Come back here and pop your blog link on the linky widgit (highlighted in red) below this blurb. Please link back to me in your post and go and visit other people’s posts for a giggle/sob/eureka moment. Most of all, use it as a weekly prompt to remind you to keep a record of these precious moments before they slip out of your mind and drift off forever.

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22 responses to “The Things They Say And Do! (Week 3)

  1. Oh how I love featherberry, So much nicer that February. I Hope Squid was right and you were thinking about cheese!

  2. Aww this is so cute. I’m loving the saving a damsel in distress moment. x

  3. Very sweet on all counts. Think February should definetly be renamed Featherbury!

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  5. Featherbury is brilliant🙂 I love those little mispronunciations that then become part of the family vocabulary!

  6. And were you? Thinking about cheese?

  7. These sound like perfectly normal conversations to me!😉

    Thank you for this linky… I’ll be trying to join in to help me remember those little moments too🙂

  8. Were you? Thinking about cheese that it?

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  10. Umm, I’ve accidentally spammed your linky with my post – sorry about that! I kept getting an error message when trying to add an image, so I kept doing it. Feel free to delete the extras ones!

  11. Sorry to bother you again: but could I ask you how you make a montage of photos like this for your header? Photoshop, (which I don’t own), or something else?

  12. So were you thinking about cheese?

  13. Only that as we call my youngest bear for short (his name is teddy) my son decided he needed his own animal name. After some deliberation he announced “Billy Beaver mummy…. from now on you must call me Beaver”.
    My heart sunk. Do i really need to shout “Oi Beaver” across the playground every morning? I won’t be able to even whisper that word without sniggering.


  14. Featherberry is great!

    Your boy sounds so lovely helping out the little girl with her scooter. xx

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