Cybher – I’ll Be There!

I’m over the moon to have been invited to speak at a brand spanking new conference for women who blog! Cybher has been founded by Sian To, already boasts a fantastic line up of speakers (*coughs*) and promises to be a brilliant event.

If you haven’t already done so BUY A TICKET and I’ll see you there.

Here’s a bit about me so you know what you’re letting yourself in for.

This is me:

Name: Chris Mosler

Blogs: (Yes, I have three!)

Thinly Spread

Fab Food

Climbing Rainbows

Twitter id: @christinemosler

Height: 5ft 6

Hair: Bonkers, quite frankly. Long, dark brown, curly, mind of its own

Five Things You Should Know About Me

  1. I have four children age 15, 14, 12 (this week, eek) and 6. I also have one husband and two very fat cats
  2. We are all vegetarian and, no, we don’t eat fish (apart from the cats)
  3. I learned to knit recently and now have an out of control stash and more projects than I have time for (PBLE – Projects Beyond Life Expectancy)
  4. I hate writing about myself and I am finding this very hard
  5. I will be nervous at Cybher even if I don’t seem like I am. I have terrible eyesight and a diabolical memory so please tell me your name, twitter name and the name of your blog if you come up and say hello!

There are more Meet and Greets over at Geek is the New Chic so go have a look around!


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29 responses to “Cybher – I’ll Be There!

  1. I look forward to hearing you speak and hopefully meeting you in person x

  2. Have a wonderful time. I’m having to miss it because I HAVE to go to New York!!

  3. Gutted I will be missing all you lovelies at this. Enjoy and good luck!

  4. Now I do hope you mean the cats eat fish and not you eat cats😉
    I’m looking forward to meeting you😀

  5. Yay can’t wait to see you again. x

  6. I didn’t get chance to say Hi at Blogcamp Bristol (too busy feeling nervous), but I’ll make sure I get to speak to you this time!

  7. Chris,
    Thank you for supporting me at Cybher. You know how much it means to me. xx

  8. Hi, I saw you over the other side of the room at Cybermummy but I didn’t have the courage to come and say hello, I hope this year I do find that courage🙂

  9. I’m not going this year, but I’ll be sorry to miss your talk. I look forward to reading it if there is a live blog🙂

  10. You actually know my real name so I hope you remember it😉 Looking forward to seeing you again x

  11. I really can’t wait to see you again! I was in complete awe of you at the Save The Children event last year and wasn’t brave enough to talk to you properly which I later kicked myself for BUT I intend to hunt you down (in the nicest most non-stalkerish possible way) for a big hug at Cybher😉

  12. I will be at this event though – so will see you there! x

  13. Hopefully I’ll be brave enough to say hi to you this time as I was too shy at Cybermummy – don’t know what I’m scared of as being a veggie family myself I know fellow veggies won’t bite😉

  14. Darling girl

    And the fish eat fish mummy, don’t forget Ringo and Lennon!

  15. Jenny

    I a so looking forward to hearing you!🙂 This is my first even though so im already feeling a little nervous xx

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