She reads insatiably with these eyes. They flash when she’s angry and turn green when she cries. When she grins they sparkle with warmth and joy. I could stare into them forever but I am trying to celebrate that they now look out on things other than me.

My girl for this week’s Gallery. Click on the lens cup to see more.


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18 responses to “Eyes

  1. wow she has stunning eyes. x

  2. Wow. Amazing photo, amazing eyes. Absolutely love it. x

  3. She is giving me THAT look again! Beautiful!

  4. Oh it’s your beautiful girl. She has got amazingly expressive eyes and they are such an unusual colour. Beautiful words and picture as usual Mrs TS

  5. what really lovely eyes your daughter has…great photo

  6. gorgeous colour eyes, great photo

  7. What a beautiful girl – and those eyes? Hidden depths. You could drown in them🙂

  8. beautiful words, beautiful eyes – I wonder what she’s thinking!

  9. She’s got very intense, playful eyes. Beautiful

  10. Gosh, she really is gorgeous. Looks feisty too. I like it.

  11. Nobody is going to mess with those eyes, what a feisty little one you have there, fabulous photo

  12. Beautiful words and equally beautiful eyes. I love the link to reading too, it was all my eyes did at that age.

  13. Compellingly beautiful picture. Wow.

  14. Such a powerful picture. The intensity in her eyes is just electric.

  15. This is a fabulous photograph and I love the way you describe her eyes. I also know what you mean about eyes ‘changing colour’ – some eyes really do seem to do that – incredible and amazing.

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