The Bare Bones – Gardening With Kids

Last Sunday Bonus Boy and I had a stroll around the estate (it didn’t take long, it’s about the size of a postcard) and made a few plans for our gardening year. I always get very excited about seed planting when I see bare earth so we will be poring over seed catalogues when the sun goes down this week and he will be trying to persuade me once again to have a go at sunflowers. I will probably give in even though I know the ninja slugs will get them again and we will plan our campaign to defeat them – saving coffee grinds and egg shells and pondering the efficacy of various sharp or gritty options. All this because, every now and then, we are successful!

At this time of year the bare bones structure of the garden is plain to see.

It is messy and battered by wind and rain, it needs clearing and hacking back but I can see where there are possibilities. I can spot an area which could benefit from some new planting or a change of direction and I start sketching stuff out on large pieces of paper. I’m not very good at proportion and I get carried away planning to squeeze in far more than I have room for but it is a lovely way to pass the time and it gives me an opportunity to talk about plans and map making with my Bonus Boy.

We take photos all year round and he now tells me which plants need their pictures taking. This means we have a record of how the garden looks throughout the year and we can see what worked and what didn’t. It also means we don’t dig where a precious plant is hiding over winter – or at least we try not to, sometimes muddy soil is just too good to resist!

There is still food out there for the picking

And several very welcome hints of spring!

This week we will be topping up the bird feeders, sowing broad beans in pots with plastic bottle cloches, planning for Spring and having a bit of a tidy up.



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12 responses to “The Bare Bones – Gardening With Kids

  1. What a great piece. We were at a deserted garden centre this morning. We topped up on bird feeders and a few other bits and bobs. We were there to buy someone a present! Isn’t it always the way?

  2. I went out to the garden to do some plotting yesterday. I am so looking forward to getting planting and making some changes this year

  3. Impressed you still have anything for picking. All I am left with are three very sorry looking red cabbages. Roll on spring!

  4. itsasmallworldafterallfamily

    We had a massive clear out this weekend. I can’t wait to get going again with gardening after a very, very long time off. We’ve got a big gap at the back…

  5. Ah, lovely lovely! Getting read for a Big Year of Gardening here. Our biggest problem is rabbits. They need, um, taking out but they are soooooo cute. So instead we spent £££ on a massive fence to keep them out. Sigh. x

  6. Gets me in the mood, our garden is crying out for some TLC. Maybe once the frost and cold has gone…

  7. What a good idea to take pictures of the plants year round to get your son involved! I bought my daughter a few children’s garden tools last year for Christmas (even though she is only four) but I am really hoping she will get into it as she gets older. Taking pictures is a good way to let them help you out as well – thanks for the idea!

  8. You might want to try some DIY pest control products if you are having problems with ninja slugs! Don’t let all your lovely plants get destroyed, I wouldn’t be able to see all the great pics!

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