Being Grown Ups – Financial Planning After A Rocky Year

I’ve mentioned more than once this year that money at Thinly Spread has been tight, the belt has been hauled in so many times that our eyes are popping and Mr TS has worked his little socks off to keep our heads above water. Running our own business during a deep recession has not been a bed of roses but we are still here and lessons have been learned. We are doing things differently and are planning carefully for our future.

With four clever children all potentially off to university it is a bit scary so I was interested to hear about MoneyVista, a comprehensive online financial planning tool to help consumers create, manage and maintain a personal financial plan.

As the video shows, all you have to do is enter some basic information about your personal finances (income, outgoings, savings, investments, property, retirement) and MoneyVista uses this information to create a financial plan that is easy to see, maintain and use. I like the idea that by linking all this information together (which, quite frankly, my brain freezes at the thought of), it is easy to see how a decision made in one area impacts on the rest.

One of the things Mr TS and I have learned the hard way is that we have to keep an overview of the situation both at work and at home and that some sensible financial planning is a really good idea.

As Martin Peterlechner, Head of Marketing at MoneyVista comments “For many of us, seeing our financial future can be a tough reality to face. However, by bringing your financial plan to life, and helping you to understand your options, MoneyVista can help consumers to develop and monitor a realistic plan to achieve their financial goals.”

MoneyVista offers a 30 day free trial. It is backed by Royal London Group. They promise that customers’ data will never be sold or passed onto third parties. They do not sell any financial services products nor is there advertising on the website. It is free to everyone for 30 days, after that subscription costs £8 per month, £20 per quarter or £75 per annum. Customers will only be asked for card details when they subscribe, not when they first try out the service.

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