Are You Thirsty?

My eldest is sitting his mocks next week and I am doing everything I can to keep him healthy and alert so he can achieve what he would like to. I can’t be in there with him, wrapping a towel around his neck and offering him water at the end of every bout but I can ensure that he goes in there fighting fit.

According to experts, 400 of whom are attending the 2nd National Hydration Congress to analyse the latest scientific developments regarding hydration and its effect on health, even slight dehydration causes tiredness. A two percent decrease in hydration is enough to reduce performance capability as well as cognitive skills, concentration and short term memory all of which he needs in bucket loads at the moment!

We all know that we are *supposed* to consume two to two and a half litres of water per day but how many of us actually ensure that we do? We wait until we are thirsty but our body’s hydration levels aren’t measured by thirst alone. It is crucial for health that our body is fully hydrated and, even before we feel thirsty, we may already be suffering from dehydration.

Two and half litres a day sounds like a lot but it doesn’t have to be water, any drink can rehydrate as long as it is mainly comprised of water. Most drinks have other advantages too, maintaining our sugar levels, keeping us awake, alert and energetic.

Of course it’s not only under pressure teens who need to watch their hydration levels. For elderly people, the percentage of water to body weight is lower so they can feel less thirsty despite the need to drink and of course pregnant and breast feeding women need to be very vigilant about the amount of water they consume. Good hydration ensures pregnant bodies can cope with all the changes foisted upon them and it ensures a plentiful supply of breast milk once baby is born.

I know he will moan at me ‘But Mu-um, I’m not thirsty’ I shall, however, ignore him and insist that he keeps his water level topped up so that he is alert, can concentrate and can perform to the best of his ability.

Please wish him luck for next week!
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8 responses to “Are You Thirsty?

  1. I always worry about the much lesser publicised water intoxication where people can literally die from hyper consumption.

    As always, moderation is key.

  2. good luck to your eldest, end of exams will at least mean xmas! nicola

    • True, but the poor lad has another swathe in the New Year, they get absolutely no rest from it and he will be revising for much of the holiday. When people say the exams are easier they have no idea how much work the kids have to put in now!

  3. Anton Keyte

    Drinking plenty of water also helps to flush your kidneys, which keeps them healthy and reduces the chance of developing kidney stones.

    As someone who has had, and passed two of these incredibly painful little blighters, I can’t advocate drinking lots of water enough!

    Stay hydrated people🙂

  4. mum

    Good luck Tall Grandson.

  5. Water is usually the best choice. Drinking water does not add calories to your diet and can be great for your health.

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