Festive Friday – Tea Towels and Dressing Gowns, it’s Nativity Time!

Welcome back to Festive Friday where we are really getting in the swing! The Christmas Book Box is down from the attic, our advent paraphernalia is up and running, doors have been opened and songs are being sung…oh Jingle Bells!

This weekend I will be running up a nativity costume for next week’s Christmas performance at Bonus Boy’s school. I have lost count of how many Christmas performances I have sobbed my way through over the last fifteen years! I know I’ve made costumes for three shepherds, a donkey (actually made for one of my teens when he was 5 but my daughter looks too cute in this old photo not to share it with you!)

and finally, last year, a starring role!

This year, once again, I shall be trying to do justice to the heavenly host as, for the second year running, my Bonus Boy has been chosen to be an angel. They have obviously spotted his angelic qualities and his excellent wing flapping skills (‘Not mad flapping like a butterfly Mummy, just gentle hand movements…like this’). Last year a costume was provided

this year I have to come up with my own. He will be wearing white thermal long johns and long-sleeved vest over which I shall fashion some sort of white tunic thing cobbled together from an old sheet. If he is lucky it will not fall off him just as he is getting into full flapping mode. He will be bedecked with wings and halo and I shall embarrass my teens by weeping so my mascara runs (and probably my nose)

I love the nativity – apologies for the blurriness of the last two photos, it is hard to focus when you are sobbing!

What will you be up to this week? Are you feeling festive yet or still a little bit bah humbug?

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9 responses to “Festive Friday – Tea Towels and Dressing Gowns, it’s Nativity Time!

  1. Oh that photo of your daughter is adorable and your son as an angel too! Wishing him well with his gentle flapping this year (and you with the costume making and mascara running x).

    I went to our daughters’ school last night for ‘Carols on the Lawn’ and it was so lovely (and yes, tear jerking).

    We also have a stash of Christmas books – which I love to add to each year. I love having them in the living room and sharing them with the children – some are ‘baby board’ books, others are about stories from around the world, and some are the ‘first Christmas’ story of Mary, Joseph and Jesus. Ah, all so lovely. Definitely feeling festive here. Will take a look at your linky. Have a great weekend🙂

  2. How lovely! Bonus boy looks very cute as an Angel. I have my second nativity this year, and my quiet, shy boy is a Narrator.

    We are starting to feel Christmassy, snuggle sack preparations have started🙂

  3. Don’t you just love it? I’m sure school used to provide nativity costumes when I was a child. My daughter announced last week that she needed an ‘Anne Boleyn costume’ by the following morning….

  4. Aw, what a lovely post, and very angelic-looking children. I have sent one ballerina costume in today, and am now finishing my eldest’s (not-very-robin-like) robin costume. She has a speaking part this year (usually the little one’s just sing) so I will most definitely be bursting with pride, while also bursting into tears! Glad I’m not the only one.xxx

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  6. Just thinking about it makes me well up a little. My daughter is a star this year. I can’t wait.

    Lovely post.

  7. I just love school nativity plays. With little ones it isn’t always what goes right but sometimes it is the things that go wrong that make it special.

  8. What a lovely week, thanks for sharing. Just wanted to say that Nell, Lola and I had a go making your crackers yesterday – they’re harder than they look, but I think we managed ok after the 3rd go. Used up all the toilet roll inner tubes, a scrap job I didn’t think possible. Thank you! Nicola

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