It was all a bit MAD!

This post is a bit overdue, it is now four weeks since I attended the MAD Blog Awards in London. I had a LOVELY time! Sharing a room with Josie was easy peasy, she was as relaxed and easy-going as I thought she was and not afraid of a little bit of silence every now and then. I am drawn to people who know the value of space and quiet as my life is often chaotic and overwhelming, she ticks that box!

The awards themselves were a treat. Sponsored by Talk Talk and Parentdish, all held together by Sally, Jen and the PR Team from Citigate it was a relaxed and informal affair where the wine flowed and the conversation was easy.

I felt comfortable and glamorous in the outfit I had chosen from my kind sponsors at Marks and Spencer, if you ignore the cheesy grin on this photo you’ll see how gorgeous it was! I’m looking forward to wearing it again at one or two events in the run up to Christmas!

Christine Mosler, dressed by Marks and Spencer for the MAD blog awards finals 2011

I was so happy to be there and couldn’t believe that after only 20 months of blogging, and at the end of a quite remarkable 6 month blogging journey this year, I was in the final for Best Blog for Family Fun. My category was won by Pippa who has one of the warmest smiles I know and whose blog is packed full of Family Fun, she has a giggle which is hard to resist and it was a delight to spend some time chatting with her, I couldn’t have chosen a better person to ‘lose’ to!

Catching up with folk who I only knew online was brilliant…if a bit of a minefield. I totally failed to recognise one lovely lady and was  mortified, we have now arranged to meet up for coffee and cake in a couple of weeks time! I did, however, recognise the lovely Deb from Carrots and Kids whose blog was one of the first I discovered when dipping my toe in the water and which draws me back again and again!

I had such fun, thank you so much if you voted for me to get me that far! I started my blog to share some of the fun we have as a family and to have that recognised made me feel fab. Thank you!

All photos courtesy of the MAD Blog Awards.


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3 responses to “It was all a bit MAD!

  1. I think i’ll be swapping BMB for MAD next year!

  2. I look less like a rabbit in the headlights huh?!🙂

  3. Gorgeous pic of you both … you do do glam! (Ha! ‘Do Do.’ Sorry.)

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