Autumnal Sausage and Apple Hot Pot and a Crock Pot Giveaway!

I’ve been sent a Crock Pot slow cooker to review! Can you imagine the happy dance I did when it arrived? It may have involved whooping and some of those side kicks you see on cartoons and in old films. Not very dignified but definitely justified. AND – I have another one to GIVE AWAY to one lucky reader so you too could be doing the jig!

I’ve been cooking with it for a few weeks now and it is really proving its worth. The ability to fill it with veg, beans/quorn and seasoning at lunchtime, dash around like a loon all afternoon, deliver kids to various clubs/friends/music lessons and then return to a house smelling of herbs and promising a meal which is ready to serve is, quite frankly, life changing!

I have lots more experimenting to do – I haven’t even approached the world of slow cooker desserts yet – so watch this space! In the meantime here is my recipe for autumnal sausage and apple casserole, cooked in honour of yesterday’s apple day. I made it in the slow cooker and it was divine.

Serves 4 adult appetites and 2 child sized ones


2 medium onions, roughly chopped

1 large tart dessert apple, peeled cored and roughly chopped

500g new potatoes, chopped into bite size chunks

400g carrots, sliced into chunks

2 packs of Quorn Barbecue Sausages

3 cloves of garlic, roughly chopped (or to taste)

1 tsp vecon vegetable stock (or any other good strong vegetable stock)

1 tbsp French’s Smooth and Spicy American mustard (other mustards will do, I usually use a good grain mustard but I have been sent French’s and it is very good!)

2 tsps sun dried tomato pesto

2 tbsps tomato passata

200ml boiling water

1 tsp dried mixed herbs

2 tsps fresh sage, roughly chopped


Turn the crock pot on to heat up while you prep the ingredients. Bung all the veg and fruit into the Crock Pot. Mix together all the ingredients for the stock except the sage and pour over the veg mix. Sizzle your sausages in a frying pan in a little olive oil until browned. Chop into pieces and add to the veg mix. Set to high heat and cook for 6 hours. Go out and do other stuff. Come back, stir in the sage, taste and adjust seasoning if necessary. Serve as steaming bowls of deliciousness.

There are lots of recipes and slow cooker tips on the Crock Pot website, vegetarian recipes are a bit scarce but the American site has more to offer. I’m having a go at rice pudding today as I’ve been told it is ‘to die for’ – I’m going to fiddle with it a bit and add some more unusual ingredients so watch out for that one soon!
Your Chance to Win!

I am reviewing the 5.7l Crock Pot and I have its 2.4l sibling to give away to one lucky reader.

To be in with a chance to win simply leave a comment below (this is the bit you have to do!)

For a second entry tweet ‘I am entering @christinemosler’s Crock Pot Slow Cooker #giveaway

For a third entry pop over to my new foodie blog and leave a comment there

For a fourth entry tweet ‘I am entering @fabfoodorg’s Crock Pot Slow Cooker #giveaway

Competition closes at midnight on Monday 31st October. The winner will be drawn using the online number generator. Open to UK mainland entrants only. There is no cash alternative. My decision is final. 

Edited on 1st November 2011 to announce the winner….drumroll….and the winner is….Liz Burton! Well done Liz DM or email me your address and I will saunter down to the post office and send it on its way! Happy cooking! I’m sorry to everyone else, I wanted to be able to send you all one!


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63 responses to “Autumnal Sausage and Apple Hot Pot and a Crock Pot Giveaway!

  1. OK, Nobody else is allowed to enter this comp: that slow cooker has my name ALL OVER IT!!!

  2. But I neeeeeed it! Winning one in a comp is the only way I’m ever going to get my hands on one to try out too.

  3. Man I want one! I was given one recently but it doesn’t work and the cord is missing! Love to try your recipe!

  4. Sausages and apples, yum, yum!

    Would love to win this for my Mum, sadly too small for my family.

    Ohh a new foodie blog, how exciting. Will go and tweet now and do all 4 entry criteria.

    Cheers Mich x

  5. Oooh have been DYING to get a slow cooker for ages. Would LOVE one!

    Have tweeted x 2 and left you a comment on your fab new foodie blog (check your spam folder though)🙂


  6. I would love to win this, Slow Cookers are great, put it on with all the ingredients ,go to work, come home and it’s ready to eat.

  7. Your recipe above sounds fabulous, I must try it. A slow cooker could really help lives of busy people. I must for me I think

  8. helen rhoads

    would love husband is a vegetarian love your recipes,following your blog and have tweeted @gumbie23

  9. Would love to win- my slow cooker is from the Seventies and so I need an update!!
    If I’m lucky enough to win, I’m at

  10. I would LOVE one of these – no-fuss wholesome food🙂 Count me in!

  11. Hi
    Slow Cookers are great, prepare your ingredients put them in,go to work, come home and tea is ready and waiting.

  12. I would just love to win this – the recipe sounds wonderful (I have some sausages in the fridge right now) but no crockpot…. I had one back in the dim and distant past that I used until it died an undignified and smokey death – a new one is just what I need to cheer me up this autumn🙂

  13. Would really love a crockpot for the coming winter months. Love the sound of your recipe. I’ve entered all four chances to win.

  14. Well, mine is destined for the bin, as it failed to cook my potatoes in my apple and potato hotpot on the weekend (despite cooking for overnight), so I’d love a chance to win a new one.

  15. Your recipe sounds gorgeous!

    I have a slow cooker but it’s mighty old and on it’s way out so I’d love to win this as we use slow cooking all the time x

  16. As you know, I’ve already seen and commented on your delicious new blog – no incentive needed!

  17. Me please. I have always fancied a slow cooker. Never bought one as wasn’t sure as a veggie family that we could justify it. but it seems I was wrong. Fingers crossed.

  18. I love all your veggie recipes Christine! Great competition!

  19. Tweeted to FabFoodOrg link too @missielizzieb

  20. that sounds lovely. I need a slow cooker, it’s the one thing my kitchen has been missing for ages, not sure where it will go though!

  21. have tweeted as @missmamo

  22. Anton Keyte

    I have been thinking about getting a slow cooker to go with my breadbasket, this one would be perfect, and veggie friendly too!😉

  23. Love the sound of sausages with apple and I would LOVE to try it out.
    Will also tweet about it.
    Love MM

  24. kaz

    Please can I enter🙂

  25. Oh yes please! I want to succeed at slow-cookers and with you shining the vegetarian light, I could really do with this!

    I’ve tweeted twice and left a comment on your new blog.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  26. I found you on the Blog Action Day site – glad I did. I have a Slow Cooker and have not found a lot of success with the recipes I tried. This one looks great and in similar to a normal oven one I cook. Thank you for encouraging me to dust off the Cooker. x

  27. I would love to win this. I usually use an old crock pot in the oven (on the slow setting) that my Grandma gave me when I got my first flat but I broke the lid the other day😥

    That recipe sounds delicious🙂

  28. That looks gorgeous – I have a slow cooker already, but my mum would love this!

  29. Michelle

    love slow cookers, cant get enough…use them for everything from applesauce to ziti!

  30. ooohhhhhh!!! Yes please!! I’m looking for a new crockpot/slow cooker at the moment😀 thanks

  31. Paula

    Can I have it please? *looks beseeching* x

  32. Oh I so need to win this as it would make my life so much easier as I work wierd hours & my family could actually have nice meals when i’m not there!

  33. Been thinking about buying one of these for ages, hopefully I won’t have to!

  34. Was sure I was already following you, twitter must have gone a bit wonky again. Refollowed and tweeted!🙂

  35. I’d love to win this since our old crock pot broke. Thanks for the giveaway! giveawayhound at gmail dot com

  36. m goodwin

    Great prize following on twitter

  37. I have a bag of apples just waiting to be turned into a yummy sausage creation. But I need that slow cooker to do it. I need it I tell you!

  38. That recipe looks delicious, I must try it. I’ve tweeted both tweets and am about to pop over to your other blog andcomment there.

  39. Fi


    This would make my life soooooo much easier with two toddlers! I’d love to win a crock pot! Have tweeted twice as suggested and am just popping over to your other blog now xx

  40. Crock Pots are great! I have a roast in an old one right now. I surely could use a new one though!

  41. Oh I would absolutely love to win this. I’ve been thinking about getting one for a while and haven’t been able to convince my other half.

    @mummy_loves xx

  42. @bishop_nic

    I’ve tweeted ‘I am entering @christinemosler’s Crock Pot Slow Cooker #giveaway‘

  43. Would love to win it!!!! Thanks for this amazing giveaway!


  44. Claire

    Awesome, I’d love to win this! I dont currently have a slow cooker.

  45. I would love to win this am super keen to give slow cooking a whirl!

  46. This recipe sounds very good and i think it is delicious and it fits perfect with my taste. My opinion is that this isn`t a very hard recipe so i will try it very soon, thanks a lot for sharing.

  47. Yum yum, that sounds very tasty. I’d love to win one of these, I’m going all slow cook happy lately!


    Tweeted the link too!

  48. I am absolutely desperate for a slow cooker and I PROMISE I’ll try this recipe if I win! Have done all four things (two tweets and two comments). Loving the new blog, btw.

  49. Thanks for a great competition. I’d love to win one of those and have a go at making some lovely warming casseroles. Will also tweet about it as well (@MumForAutism).

  50. Jo

    I have never been one for gadgets – apart from my trusty 8 year old breadmaker BUT this sounds perfect for our busy lives and hungry tummies. Please let it be me!

  51. Thank you thank you thank you!

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