Inspirational People

I have had more than my fair share of inspirational people this year. From, the frankly incredible, Liz Scarff to Desmond Tutu in eight months makes it hard to pick out one or two for special mention. However, there are three unassuming women in amongst all this who have left their indelible prints upon my heart. They are a part of my personal journey this year, a journey which has changed me in ways I cannot explain, they have inspired me and driven me on.

Amelia, a  health worker in Mozambique who jumps on the back of a battered motorbike and travels vast distances across difficult terrain to deliver vaccines and healthcare to remote rural communities. She carries these two cool bags on her shoulders on the back of the bike for up to four hours at a time, she really knows her stuff and she smiles, a lot. She is a life saver.

Dr Joan Shepherd from Sierra Leone. She trains midwives, has  delivered ‘thousands of babies’ and is passionate about women and children’s rights to receive healthcare wherever they may live. She opened her door to a woman in labour as bullets flew around them during the war in Sierra Leone and delivered her baby without a thought for her own safety. She is scared of heights, she has an infectious giggle and she is my friend; we strutted the streets of New York together calling on the distant and powerful to heed our call and she was amazing.

Tracey Cheetham. We travelled to Mozambique together and formed one of those friendships which catch you by surprise. She is currently fighting breast cancer for the second time with everything she has but she still finds time and energy to speak out for the NHS and to keep on shouting about the things she holds most dear. She is strong, warm and funny, she makes me laugh until I cry and she is passionate and feisty. I am so glad she is in my life.

This post was written for The Gallery at Sticky Fingers, pop over and read about some more inspirational people. Who has inspired you?


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16 responses to “Inspirational People

  1. What a fabulous post *sob* and you in turn inspire me lovely Chris. To parent in the way I want and give my children the freedom to grow, to look outside myself and my home and feel grateful for what I have, through you SAC work and to eat less meat!😉

  2. Wonderful post and a reminder just how superb women can be too (and that, of course, includes you)

  3. WOW! What beautiful, inspirational people, each doing such good work. Thank You for sharing x

  4. Lucky girl. Life is not the things you do, but the people you meet.


  5. Wow, what truly amazing people x

  6. Amazing women. I feel very emotional reading this. Would love to give them all a little arm stroke.

  7. wow amazing women, and how lovely for you to have been able to be part of their lives xx

  8. Wow, what a fab post. And what fantastic and inspirational woman. x

  9. They are truly inspirational women; unassuming and courageous. A good choice Christine.

    You are one of mine.

  10. What an amazing year you have had! Thanks so much for sharing those inspirational women with us.

  11. Awww what a lovely post. Some very inspirational, strong women there.

  12. And we complain about our lives – this kind of thing puts it all into perspecive!

  13. SAHDandproud

    Wow! Truly amazing people. Thanks for letting us know about them.🙂

  14. This is amazing. Truly inspirational people x

  15. Oh my, what inspirational women. I wish I could get more involved but would not know where to start! You would be on my list too lady! x

  16. Once again, I have goosebumps reading about all the amazing work you have done! There are some truly inspirational people out there and you are one of them

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