Fruity Breakfast and a Giveaway!

I am delighted to have been chosen as one of the bloggers taking part in the Princes’ healthy breakfast promotion. Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day and sending them on their way with a tummy full of goodness has been one of my top priorities since they all started school. Princes’ prepared fruits in fruit juice are an easy way to pop one or two of their five-a-day into breakfast and tick those ‘good parent’ boxes without too much pain!

I am also taking part in their ‘stress test’ to see if breakfast really is the most stressful time of the day for parents so the last few mornings have seen me strutting my stuff with a heart rate monitor on my chest – a good look which I almost carried off!

One of our favourite breakfast dishes has always been porridge with a tin of peaches stirred in so Bonus Boy’s face lit up like a little beacon when he saw peaches were included in our goodie box. The pineapple pieces will not be seen in my photograph because The Tall one nabbed them and scoffed them before I got my camera out and the apple juice is missing too for much the same reason!

When you have finished reading this post why not wander over to the Princes website for some more ideas. Vegetarians aren’t as well served over there as I would like but there are some very nice recipes for peachy desserts and a downloadable 5-a-day portion planner which could come in handy.

I have one of the goody boxes to give away so if you would like to win all of the above (plus the missing peaches and apple juice…and an alarm clock which has disappeared into Bonus Boy’s bedroom!) just leave a comment below telling me your favourite fruit.

For an extra entry you can tweet: I am entering @christinemosler’s #princesbrekkie #giveaway

Competition closes at midnight on Tuesday 18th October. The winner will be drawn using the online number generator. Open to UK entrants only. There is no cash alternative. My decision is final.

Edited 19th October 2011 to announce the winner. The winner is Domestic Goddesque, well done! Email or DM me your address and I will get your prize sent out to you!


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30 responses to “Fruity Breakfast and a Giveaway!

  1. Strawberries :0)

    I’ve tweeted @missielizzieb x

  2. pineapple mmm.
    have tweeted as @missmamo

  3. Janey L (@janey0142)

    Mango both fresh & dried

    I have tweeted as @janey0142

  4. Ooh what a lovely giveaway!

    My favourite fruit are blueberries. ADORE them. Followed by strawberries… the kids favourite fruit I *think* are blueberries, grapes and strawberries!

    Thanks for yummy giveaway!

    Maggy and tweeted

  5. Justgosailing

    Isle of Wight raspberries freshly picked, still warm from the sun.

  6. Raspberries especially in Eton Mess = heaven!

  7. Jen Schofield

    Favourite fruit is defintely an orange!

  8. Jen Schofield

    I’ve tweeted! @Jenni000

  9. Kirsty Fox

    It has to be strawberries, not only do they taste yummy but they always remind me of summer!

  10. Kirsty Fox

    I have also tweeted – @bloomingfox

  11. Anton Keyte

    Pre cut banana is always a winner for me🙂

  12. Anton Keyte

    I also retweeted as @antonkeyte – don’t think I need to post that for you to know, but just in case….

  13. Kate Cunningham

    Mango is my favourite fruit but for something that is less of a guddle to prepare -banana is always a winner in my house.

  14. Kate Cunningham

    I have tweeted as @01592_katie

  15. Jane Morfett

    I love apples, raw, cooked and baked!

  16. Jane Morfett

    I have also tweeted

  17. Watermelon. Yummy.

  18. I absolutely love fresh melon. So yummy!

  19. I have also tweeted about the competition as @caro_mad x

  20. Michelle

    I eat a banana every morning. It’s definitely my favorite fruit!

  21. Kim Carberry

    Strawberrys….Yummy Especially with cream…hehehe

    i have tweeted as @kimmer2111

  22. amylane

    I love all kinds of fruit but my favourite has to be grapes🙂

  23. Danielle Baker

    I love cherries🙂
    They were my craving during my second pregnancy and even now I still can’t get enough of them!
    I have also RT’d the message on Twitter @TheDizzyMama xxxx

  24. I love raspberries🙂
    @marzutek on twitter

  25. Cheryll H

    Freshly picked strawberries😛 @pipersky1🙂

  26. Cheryll H

    Tweeted🙂 @pipersky1

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