I haven’t joined in with The Gallery for a while but I couldn’t resist this one.

This year has seen so many changes both for me and my family as we all grow and spread our wings but we are home birds at heart and none more so than me.

I am still suffering with jet lag from last week, I feel a bit unsettled, Bonus Boy has kindly shared his cold with me and I am up to my ears in work so there is nowhere I like better at the moment on these slightly surprising sunny September days than my bench under the apple tree.

I sit and knit

A child invariably joins me for a chat or climbs up into the tree for a snack

I love the garden in autumn as it has its last fling with summer. There are fiery nasturtiums

And cool Love in A Mist

And I am so happy to be home.

This post was written for The Gallery at Sticky Fingers. This week’s theme is ‘Home’. Click on the Lens Cup below and have a nosy at the other entries.


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15 responses to “Home

  1. WOW! Your home is lovely, I love that you have these places to be you.

  2. Travelling is made even better when you have home to come back to. Give yourself a bit of a break so that you can really recharge those creative juices. The weather has been arranged especially for you to do that!😉

  3. Your apple tree looks amazing – I’d love a garden with an apple tree in it. I’m not surprised you love coming home when you have such a lovely place to return to.

  4. I’m always envious of people who feel content in their garden. Ours is a shambles because none of us likes looking after it so I always feel a bit uncomfortable out there. That said, yours looks perfect – maybe one day….

  5. Great photos, and a lovely take on the theme – I really am trying to get my garden up to standard!

  6. Beautiful! Love your knitting too.

  7. Now that knitting caught my eye….what are you making, it looks beautiful. I haven’t knitted for far too long and I must do something about it.
    Hope my new apple tree produces like yours does!

  8. Beautiful pictures – you have really captured the theme x

  9. lplatemummy

    What a beautiful garden. I would love to be able to knit. x

  10. I have Mosler home envy!! From what I have seen on your blog previously, I imagine your home to be Cosy, welcoming and just wonderful🙂 your photos here only add to my picture of your home xx

  11. I am jealous of your apple tree mine fell over this year and couldn’t be saved. Gutted.

  12. Glad you are home safe and sound how beautiful the weather is !

  13. Goregous photographs, gorgeous post. Looking forward to seeing you in Birmingham in October.

  14. Love love love all your photos. Hope you feel better soon!

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