Power to the People

There was a buzz of frenzied activity at the UN as roads were closed for sweeping motorcades and Very Important Persons were whisked behind closed doors to discuss Important Matters and make Important Decisions which will affect the lives of millions. Meanwhile, a quiet determined on-line buzz was building calling on those Very Important People to make the right choices, right now.

An army of activists dressed as health workers with stethoscopes and crisp white coats led  an even larger army of pregnant women in a march through the streets of New York. The hustle and bustle of Time Square slowed as a human jigsaw slowly came together to reveal an image of a Nigerian health worker called Katherine and the simple message ‘Health workers Save Lives’.

Back in the UK an army of parents led by Michelle and Gemma fanned a spark into a blazing fire and the parenting blogging community came together to call for more health workers, better trained for the women and children of the world.

8 million children die  every year of preventable causes.  Numbers. With people behind them. Real people with real lives. People with hopes, dreams and love in their hearts. People like you and me.

Here are my 100 words. Why I am grateful to health workers.

You Were There

When my first child died in my womb and my world crumbled

When my second couldn’t open his eyes

When my third struggled for air in those dark scary hours

When my fourth split her head

When my fifth surprised me with that little blue line

When things went wrong…

You were there.

No woman should give birth alone without the attention and care of a health worker. No woman should be dying needlessly in labour. No baby should be dying before it has a chance at life. No child should be dying of a preventable illness. I call on you, Very Important People, to put a stop to this scandal and provide health workers for all.

The time is now.




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22 responses to “Power to the People

  1. Your post made me cry…no child should suffer in the day and age!!

  2. Amazing post. Just amazing. I can’t find any other words Chris.
    MJM x

  3. powerful powerful words, well done you on all you are doing, amazing work x

  4. Your own children if they aren’t already are going to be so incredibly proud of you, as we all are. x

  5. You are doing amazing work and I’m honoured to help in any blogging way I can. Rachel xxx

  6. This post brought tears to my eyes. You are doing fantastic work. xx

  7. Ohh Chris, here I am crying again. Beautiful. Mich x

  8. *strokes Chris’ arm* that is all X

  9. You never cease to amaze me, you know that don’t you

  10. Chris, you really are an amazing and inspirational person – one I admire so highly x
    p.s. Your words made me cry *shakes fist jokingly*

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