Rockford’s Rock Opera – A Review

“Far away in the Sea of Tranquility lies the island of Infinity,

home to the last one of every extinct animal species.

Here, beneath a mystical swirling sky, live the world’s lost creatures.

And the creatures have a secret for the world”

Written by Steve Punt (of Punt and Dennis comedic fame) and Elaine and Matthew Sweetapple, Rockford’s Rock Opera is a must for any mini eco warrior or anyone who enjoys a good story with excellent music thrown in.

My eleven year old daughter grabbed this 3 CD set when it arrived and vanished into her room not emerging again for two hours and thirty-four minutes. She listened to them back to back and reappeared, beaming. Her verdict?

‘It’s brilliant Mum, the story is REALLY good and the music is cool, you HAVE to listen to it.’ She then proceeded to tell me the whole story and, frankly, I switched off a bit and started planning dinner and whatnot.

When I did listen to it for  myself I was entranced. The story IS really good and it is well told with humour which will appeal to adults and children alike. The music is cool; I didn’t cringe, fast forward or give up which I usually do with music aimed at children.

It’s not opera and it’s not rock but it is good to listen to and toe tapping and I shall be happy to listen to it again with my girl and my Bonus Boy. I will probably have to listen to it more than once; it’s the sort of story children will return to again and again and get more out of each time. Much like ‘Toy Story’, ‘Monsters Inc’ and ‘Wallace and Gromit’ there is also enough to keep adults from screaming and destroying it or pretending it has got lost…not that I have ever done anything like that *coughs*.

The message at the heart of the story is an important one and prompts questions and discussion with children. It highlights the damage being done to our planet without being scary, points out the importance of every living creature even if that importance is not immediately apparent and I came away from Rockford’s with hope in my heart and a smile on my face.

You can buy the CDs or download the story (the first part is available free so you can get an idea if this is for you!). The CDs also feature animated videos plus three 24 page books with original illustrations, lyrics and information.

Disclosure: we were sent the three CD set for review purposes.






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