What Makes a Healthy Lunch?

Regular readers will know that I have been working with innocent drinks recently and that Maggy and I have already co-hosted one Twitter party and are running a second one next week. So many people joined in with some fantastic ideas for healthy additions to the lunchbox and with hints and tips on how to encourage children to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables, it was brilliant! Innocent are putting together a booklet featuring as many of the ideas as possible so do come along on Tuesday from 1- 2pm to add your two penn’orth and help to build this fabulous resource!

As part of my ‘work’ I have been sent a lunchbox stuffed full of innocent goodies and…a packet of stickers to decorate it with! Bonus Boy couldn’t wait to get his hands on it (he was so excited that he ripped off the ‘this lunchbox belongs to’ label before I could even open my mouth!). He is so delighted with his creation that he is refusing to take it to school, instead insisting that it is to be kept for ‘special lunches and picnics’!

All four of my children take packed lunches to school, we tried school dinners for a while but, well-meaning as they were, the vegetarian options left a little to be desired with their heavy reliance on cheese.

Packing a lunch for each of them means that I know they have a healthy well-balanced box of goodies each lunchtime. I ring the changes by popping pasties,veggie scotch eggs, cold frittata or a pasta salad in instead of sandwiches sometimes. They each take a piece of fruit, a carrot, a box of tomatoes or cucumber and a treat (an oaty bar, a smoothie or a piece of homemade cake). In the winter they have flasks and take soup and bread. I’m not evangelical about it, they eat very well so I don’t have hang ups about popping in a packet of crisps – as long as they have a balance of fruit,veg, some carbohydrate and a bit of protein, I’m happy.

Innocent smoothies and fruity juice drinks are always a welcome addition and there was a flurry of disagreement in the fridge when my lovely girl and my Bonus Boy were ‘negotiating’ who should have which flavour yesterday morning but it was soon resolved (she won)

I’m really looking forward to Tuesday’s Twitter party, do pop along and share any ideas you have. I’d like to know how to persuade my daughter that she can have something other than Vegemite as a sandwich filling!

Here’s your personal invitation!

Please come along on Tuesday 13th September from 1-2pm for our Lunchbox Twitter party sponsored by innocent drinks.

Your hosts @christinemosler, @redtedart and @innocentdrinks will be milling through the crowd looking for top tips and cleverness and prizes will be handed out. There will be on the spot vouchers for kids’ smoothies and kids’ juicy drinks and three lucky tweeters will win a month’s supply of kids’ wedges or juicy drinks!

Dress code: Informal and relaxed. Pyjamas welcome.

Party Hashtag:  #innocentkids

Not sure what a Twitter party is?  A twitter party is when we all come together at a given date and time on twitter and exchange ideas on a certain topic (in our case lunch box “menus and ideas”). We all use a “hashtag” to help track the party (if you are using tweetdeck or hootsuite, you can “open a special column” and track the hashtag and therefore the conversation easily). In our case the hashtag will be #innocentkids. Any more questions on how it works, just tweet @redtedart or myself, @christinemosler, and we can chat to you  about it on Twitter!

See you there!


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6 responses to “What Makes a Healthy Lunch?

  1. Hi! I’m really curious about the Vegemite preference over Marmite! seeing as you guys are English, why did you make the (presumed) change to Vegemite? Myself, I grew up on Marmite (British parents would import it for us to France) but after I moved to Australia from 2007-2011 ended up switching to Vegemite (and made sure to bring some with me when I moved to Taiwan!). I approve of the choice of yeasty goodness but would love to know why…

  2. What about the Monster Munch extra large grab bag??🙂

  3. super amazing mum

    Mine are all school dinners……smoothies for breakfast and afterschool snacks! Looking forward to the twitter party……I may even dress up for the occassion😉

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