I’m Leaving (Again)

The 17th September brings the second Save the Children Blogger Conference down in London town. It was at the first one back in February that I sat in the audience and listened to Josie, Eva and Sian talk about their trip to Bangladesh, cried when Gareth talked about how Save the Children reacts when the call comes in about the latest emergency and felt my heart racing and my blood coursing.

It was the first Blogger Event I had attended, I had been blogging for less than a year and – while I loved writing about my family, gardening, crafting and cooking – I was becoming aware of the potential impact that blogging and social media have and the possibility of bringing about real change.

This time I shall be talking about my own trip to Mozambique in May for the #PassItOn campaign and the whirlwind of Big Wig meetings and media attention which followed. I shall talk about the impact it has had on my own children and on their friends and I will be helping to run a round table discussion ‘Everything you want to know about blogging but were afraid to ask’ with some very special guests.

Other discussion groups on the day include Using YouTube Effectively, a Film and Photography Workshop (with the, quite frankly, brilliant Rachel Palmer) and Taking Your Blogging to the Next Level.

Save the Children have organised this fantastic free event to thank all of you who helped during the vaccines campaign (and Blogladesh before it) and to give something back to the amazing blogging and vlogging community which turned  a few voices into an ear splitting shout.

It will also be an opportunity for all those of you who were blown away by the campaign, and were inspired to ask how you could help to find out about the Health Workers Campaign, to hear about some of the inspirational women on the ground saving lives and what you can do to support them.

I shall be arriving dragging my suitcase behind me as I am flying out to New York following the conference (yes, I am pinching myself, it has been quite a year!) I am going to be a tiny part of the Save the Children team working to ensure that world leaders (including David Cameron) who are meeting at the United Nations General Assembly to assess progress on women and children’s health, are aware of the need for more health workers, better trained, to save children’s lives.

There is a gap of more than 3.5 million health workers worldwide. Health workers and midwives properly trained and supported can save the lives of most mothers and babies – but only if they are there.

Women like Catherine are saving lives, on the ground, in difficult circumstances. We need more women like her to help women just like us. The knock on effect of having well trained health workers working in communities is an improvement in the overall health and well being of those communities. It is a massive positive investment.

Please, sign up for the conference, have a fabulous day out and find out how you can help make a difference. Click on my little activist and she will take you to the sign up page! (She would be coming with me as children are welcome and she is desperate to be involved but, as I am off again, she can’t come this time!)


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18 responses to “I’m Leaving (Again)

  1. Yet more brilliant work – I’m in awe of how you manage to fit it all in! It’s such an important message you’re helping to pass on, so best of luck for New York, here’s hoping people are ready to listen. x

  2. How amazing. You are doing so much in helping pass on this important message. Well done and good luck. I wish I was coming to the conference it is an amazing cause and sounds like a really good day. Money and work commitments won’t allow but I look forward to following you and the campaign x

  3. As you know from the posts that I’ve done, I’m right behind you. If THO can help again just let us know. Have a fab time in NY. We’re off there ourselves in May. I suspect we won’t get the sort of welcome you will!

  4. How amazing! You are doing such an amazing thing and I can’t wait to hear all about New York. But of course, before that I can’t wait to see you next week. I’m so looking forward to the conference – see you there🙂

  5. Have an amazing trip! I’m so sad I can’t come since my background is in health but can’t afford a trip to London xoxo

  6. You are just the right person for this. I love you and know how passionate you are about this. Have a great time, sorry I can not make it to the conference (finances and time-scales again)

  7. I cried too … which is why I’ll be back. I’m so glad you’re finally getting the opportunity to talk about your experience – better late than never!🙂 And best of luck for NY … they won’t know what’s hit em!

  8. itsasmallworldafterallfamily

    I’m sorry that I’m not coming, because I’m sure you’ll be fab, but there will be other occasions when I hope I can help. Like you said, it’s been quite a year!

  9. Sock it to them in New York, but before then, I will see you in London🙂

  10. I’ll try! See you on Saturday!🙂 x

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