Messing About In Boats – Something for the Weekend!

Is there anything better than kids and water on a long lazy summer holiday day? This day will stay with me for a long time, it was perfect!

We are lucky enough to have friends in our town with river access and a canoe in their garage. The boys hauled it across the garden and down to the water.

Jumped on board

And set off on an adventure

I waved them off and grinned happily to myself as I heard Bonus Boy laughing off into the distance

When the boys returned, having diced with death on the town weir ‘We did Mummy, we almost DIED, it was fablious [sic]’ They all messed about a bit

Then the girls set off

They were gone for quite some time and returned with handfuls of treasure, they had been ‘beach combing’ further upstream.

It was time for dry clothes and refreshments in the shade of the pear tree.

Children and water, a perfect combination! It is the simple stuff which childhood memories are made of.

What are you up to this weekend? How will you be marking the end of summer? Will you be sad when the long lazy days are over or delighted to see the school gates open?



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15 responses to “Messing About In Boats – Something for the Weekend!

  1. How fablious! We’re preparing for our back to school feast and going blackberry picking. Have a great weekend x

  2. It’s like something out of Swallows and Amazons! Not for the first time I will ask, please can I come and live with you?!

  3. I’m sad the holidays are almost over – I’ve not spent nearly enough time with my boys. So this weekend I plan to squeeze the very most out of the weekend with lots of blackberrying and a lovely big picnic tomorrow (and no, I don’t care if it rains!)

    • So am I😦 Blackberrying is the bees knees. We’ve been twice so far and I intend to go again as soon as possible! Have a lovely weekend and I hope the rain keeps off…take a large brolly and a plastic sheet and cuddle up if it doesn’t!

  4. Looks like so much fun! Where do you live? It looks amazing!

    We’ve had two very busy days, so are going to have an easy weekend. My 4 year old starts school on Thursday and I am still not very organised.😦

    • In a small market town in Somerset, it is very lovely! Good luck with the school start! I’m not organised at all. I have to go on a hunt for trousers to fit a 13 year old boy today having left it all a bit late! I used to be very organised, now I am so laid back I am almost horizontal!

  5. Which friend and where do you live? We’re thinking of moving…..


  6. How fanbloody tastic. Have you yet been on ebay looking for a canoe? I would, it might help with cool your urge to get back on the water!

  7. oh this is lovely! we went to our stream today, not deep enough for a canoe but splendid for paddling and making dams and swinging on the tyre swing over…perfect day for it too!

    I will be so sad when school starts. I have, mostly, absolutely loved this holiday. i will miss my little buddies.x

  8. What a fantastic way to spend a weekend! I adore boats, sadly I have a other half who doesnt and a little one wouldnt stay still in one just yet. We’re secretly pleased that it’s the return of school because it means the soft play areas and the parks will be slightly quieter for us ;o)

  9. Just glorious. Utterly glorious. Has made the hair stand up on the back of my neck. What a perfect weekend.

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