Family Traditions – Something for the Weekend

So much of my parenting has been about making memories; doing things which stick in children’s heads and give them a warm, happy, loved feeling. It isn’t the big things, the showy events, the parties which they remember it is the little routine family traditions which mark the wheel of the year.

Yesterday we returned to our favourite place, crossing our fingers that the fruit would once again be abundant. They galloped ahead, hunting before gathering and turning to give me the thumbs up; the blackberry bushes hadn’t let us down!

Foraging began

The competition was on to find the juiciest berry

Not all of them made it into our bags and baskets; there were one or two blackberry monsters about

When everyone got bored/too prickled they found an obliging oak tree which would accommodate them all

For a bit of hanging around

And some chatting

Then we wended our way home again with 3lbs of blackberries for jam. We’ll be back for more with The Tall One and Mr Thinly Spread who were both working while we frolicked.

You can see my recipe for blackberry and apple jam here. I’ll post my pure blackberry jam recipe soon…now I’m off to do some jamming!

What are you up to this bank holiday weekend? Do you mark the wheel of the year with your children? Are traditions important to you as a family?


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9 responses to “Family Traditions – Something for the Weekend

  1. Really struggling here so the opening line about making memories really hit home. So glad you are able to keep adding to the store!

  2. We used to pick blacberries and raspberries at the bottom of our garden. Now I don’t have a garden and berries cost an arm and a leg in Israel. Yearn, yearn…

  3. We LOVE foraging and the children cannot get enough of the blackberries🙂

    This weekend we are going to the BEACH!!!! Even if it rains, we are GOING!

    M x

  4. Looks like a perfect day! I have a couple of blackberry monsters too!

  5. Yes, I think family traditions are really important. I have great memories of blackberrying as a child, which sadly I haven’t (yet) been able to replicate for my kids, as we’re only ever in the UK in early or mid summer. This year, the blackberries were nearly ready by August 9th when we flew home, but not quite. Wah.

  6. You so make me want to be part of your family! REally feels like every day is a special day, and every moment is cherished. Just lovely.


  7. Great idea – foraging for fruit in the outdoors means exercise, fresh air, fruit and it’s free!

    Our little lad is only small at the moment, but we’re keen to start a tradition of our own, seeing as neither of us fancy going to church on a Sunday, like we used to when we were children.

    Our tradition thus far is finding a long stick and looking for a hole in the local park to poke it into. It’s a start!

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