World Photography Day

Tara set a simple one this week. Take a photograph for World Photography Day. I indulged.

My Mum gave me a delicious bunch of roses which obligingly opened to order.

I took this photograph.

Then I tinkered with it a bit

Then a little bit more

And once more, just because I can

Isn’t nature wonderful?

This post was written for The Gallery at Sticky Fingers. Click on the lens cap to visit and see more


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15 responses to “World Photography Day

  1. Beautiful! Simple and stunning.

  2. Very Beautiful! Nice Photography.

  3. Stunning nature and stunning tinkering!

  4. Oh my God I never realised that it was a camera lense before! Love your shots. Gorgeous. x

  5. Lol – congratulations to you, nature and computer technology for creating this beautiful rose.

  6. Beautiful, amazing how the delicacy of the petals really takes on life as you zoom further in

  7. Yes it is and so are your photos. Simply beautiful x

  8. Fragility was the word that came to mind for some reason.
    The beauty of flowers well captured.
    My try is over at

  9. Oh that’s lovely – I want to go out and buy yellow roses.

  10. That’s beautiful. I’ve tried doing that myself but it’s never had so much light and dark as yours. Excellent.

  11. Clever and what a lovely gift from your mum!

  12. Very, very beautiful – the photographs just kept getting better as I scrolled down! What a delight to receive such beautiful roses and how artfully you’ve captured their beauty, to hold on to and remember always🙂

  13. Gorgeous flowers they are stunning! xx

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