Me Time

I can’t remember the last time I had more than a couple of hours to myself. A time when I wasn’t clock watching or doing something. A time just for me.

When Ragdale Hall in Leicestershire offered me and a friend a weekend reviver break I leapt at the chance! I asked my husband first of course, confident that he would turn me down and I would be able to take a girl friend! Tracey was the obvious choice. We met on our trip to Mozambique and she is one of those rare people you meet in life and something clicks. Having spent a week in a jeep with her in difficult circumstances I knew I would be able to spend a weekend in her company and come away relaxed and refreshed.

Ragdale Hall was perfect. We decided to avoid the gym and fitness studios and concentrate all our efforts on relaxation. The staff were warm, friendly and unobtrusive. Nothing was too much trouble and our room was perfect. We were particularly taken by the ‘Pillow Menu’, if the pillows on our beds were  not to our satisfaction they could be changed for even more luxurious alternatives!

We were treated to a complimentary therapy as part of the package and both chose an hour-long facial which we emerged from grinning and almost slurring our words we were so relaxed!

We spent the rest of the time strolling around the grounds, chatting, sitting in various pools, saunas and steam rooms. I swam lazily up and down and we watched more energetic people taking part in the various exercise classes available before returning happily to our books.

I read a book! I read more than two pages before falling asleep! I absorbed myself in story, chuckling happily. It was heaven.

The food was delicious and I was definitely not short-changed as a vegetarian. Breakfast in our room was a delicious luxury.

We made many happy memories while we were there. I was happiest floating about in the candle pool where some of my favourite classical music played while the lights subtly changed colour. I lay back and conducted happily with my feet! This pool called me back again and again, there may be a bit of a longing for it now in my heart!

Speaking of conducting…Tracey had me in fits of hysterical laughter as she conducted the carp in the lake outside. They obligingly sang along to ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, it was quite astonishing and a moment which will stay with me for a long, long time!

Ragdale Hall is everything a relaxing weekend away should be. If the mood had taken us we could have played croquet or tennis, had our hair or nails done and enveloped ourselves in luxury. We could’ve honed our bodies, learned to swim or spent some time meditating. What we did was relax, totally and utterly. We sat in a variety of squishy chairs and on comfy sofas with our feet up, we attempted a jigsaw together and we cemented a very special friendship. We laughed, a lot.

Thank you Ragdale Hall and to Vicki for organising it and asking me to go. I can honestly say that it set me up for the long summer holiday and that, given the chance, I would be back there like a shot!

Pics 1 and 4 courtesy of Ragdale Hall, the rest are mine…although I hardly took any photos! So relaxed!

I learned an important lesson during this fabulous weekend; I need to make time for me. It doesn’t have to be  much but I do need to do it! What are your top tips for grabbing ‘Me Time’? How do you get a quick recharge?


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26 responses to “Me Time

  1. Oooo! You lucky lady! The moon dust has certainly been sprinkled on you recently and well deserved it is. I’ve often wondered what a stay like that would be like. Now I want to go! Me time is often at the PC or with a book in the bath!

  2. Jealous! Sounds like you had a great time🙂

  3. Looks like you had a fantastic time and I do not know anyone more deserving. I am learning to ask for me time. My wonderful SIL took the boys off my hands for the afternoon today and it was great. A house with no noise, no background chatter, just me.

    For me a bath always helps, where I can read a book and lock the door

  4. That candle pool looks amazing! Great you two ladies were given this great opportunity to enjoy a weekend away.
    It is so important to take some me time. I am lucky enough to get some me time when my parents come over to stay. Then I lock myself in our bedroom for a day, just the internet, a book and some unhealthy snacks. I learnt to let go last year when I injured my knee and could not do everything myself. These lazy days 2-3 x a year are bliss.

  5. This sounds and looks lovely, it looks like you had a lovely time. Mr L is very good at letting me have some me time, as he likes to have just Daddy and son time at the moment, although we only have one child that all my chance if we have more children! I hope that you will continue to have me time in the future. xx

  6. In all my ‘Mum’s Gone to’ travels I have often been to hotels with spas but, funnily enough, never get the urge to visit them properly for a massage or treatment. Why on earth is that? Maybe somewhere like Ragdale which is totally focused on relaxation and spa treatments would break through this aversion I have to being poked and prodded as your weekend does sound sublime….the book reading and the gorgeous breakfast in particular!

  7. That swimming pool looks divine, and when I win the lottery and have my own house built with an indoor pool, it will look like that! Lucky you, looks like you had a marvellous time, which is well deserved. I am off to Asda now for my ‘me’ time; we need some more milk and vegetables.

  8. Well done Chris for taking some down time, so important.

    You thoroughly deserved this!

    Mich x

  9. alisonwells

    My sister got married in June and in March we had a ‘spa’ weekend away which included a massage and facial and a pool like the one you described. It was sooooo relaxing. My mum and two sisters (one the bride to be), a friend and the mum and sisters in law to be were there. We dined, shopped a little, chatted in the bar etc but next time I would do even less, chill for longer after the massages etc. It was the first time I was at such a spa weekend but I must do something like it again. The most ‘me time’ I manage with as you know 4 kids is a quick walk around the block if the hubby arrives home in time and as for two pages of a book at nights, can’t even manage that!

    • I am desperate to do it again…I’ve only ever had mini breaks for an hour or two before, this really refreshed the parts other spas haven’t reached! It surpised me how much I needed it…I was like a cactus soaking up much needed refreshment! x

  10. How blissful, i really need so time out. I feel like I haven’t stopped since 2008 x

  11. So glad you enjoyed it. My mother in law goes every year fro short break with her best friend. Next year is my turn and after reading your post I’m even more excited x

  12. The only thing saving me from the anguish at reading of yet another ragdale hall guest, is that this guest was u. A well deserved break lovely .


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