Paste Resist Batik – Get Crafty – Something For The Weekend!

With the summer holiday sky doing its thing and pouring with rain at regular intervals we have turned to crafting, baking and making and doing. This craft is one I first did with a class of 30 children during my first teaching practice 20 years ago and have done at regular intervals ever since. It is cheap, cheerful and deeply satisfying; even very little people can produce eye pleasing results!

  • Mix flour and water together to form a paste (you’re aiming for a toothpasty mixture  which is not too runny, will hold together and can be squeezed out of a piping nozzle)
  • Fill a syringe/piping bag/washing up liquid bottle with the paste (I use a plastic syringe with little people because it limits how much they can put on in any one go, they can always ask for more!)
  • Squeeze your pattern onto your fabric (I used an old sheet cut up) Have a practice piece ready so they can get the idea of coverage first.

  • Allow the paste to dry completely overnight (if they have been very enthusiastic and puddled paste it may take a little longer)
  • Fill the fabric gaps with fabric paint

  • Allow the fabric paint to dry completely
  • Pick off the paste (this is the best bit, very satisfying!)

Et Voila! Your design is revealed!

What are you and yours up to this weekend? Have you got any ideas to keep little (and not so little) hands busy?


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8 responses to “Paste Resist Batik – Get Crafty – Something For The Weekend!

  1. Ooooh love how you made your own paste! I bought some “relatively” expensive stuff on ebay recently to do a craft just like this with my kids.. but I reckon yours is better! Woohoo!


  2. (PS we tried some sewing and made a Nature Bag: then we went to get some sticks, put them in our nature bag, brought them home and made some stick men:

  3. DH is taking the children canping whilst I go to a spa for a hen. That’s my kind of camping😀

  4. i love those! looks fantastic!

  5. oh, I seriously must try this! how fun & creative!!!! I love to pick glue so I will ahve to try this myself, haha!

    Want to invite you to share on my weekly child centered linky party (open Sat night thru Thurs.) The Sunday Showcase –


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