Black and White

I love black and white photography and I miss developing my own images in a dark room. Mr Thinly Spread used to use the bathroom in our flat as a darkroom when we first moved in together which made going to the loo quite an adventure!

Tara has set Black and White as this week’s Gallery theme so here are four of my current favourites.

To see more Black and White offerings visit


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14 responses to “Black and White

  1. Wow. Love the train track one especially. Gorgeous.

  2. I like them all but the third one best which brings to mind the word “possibility” for me.
    I also love the first.

  3. My favorite is the last one! Beautiful and so cool!

  4. I’ve just been reading backwards through your blog, and catching up. Tonight, when the kids come home from school, I’m going to make some gloop. Can’t believe I didn’t know about gloop.

  5. apieceoflisa

    Love them all but the last one makes me wonder what would be spelt out if all the letters fell.

  6. A beautiful and varied selection. Love the lines and perspective of the railway track. Adore the letter mobile, where did you get that from?

  7. wow what gorgeous black and white photos. I do love black and white. They just seem to look better don’t they x

  8. Lovely photos, so sharp
    I love the train tracks, BW seems to emphasise the distance.

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