Silent Sunday


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16 responses to “Silent Sunday

  1. That looks beautiful! where is it?

  2. A walk in the park. Very leasing on the eye on a Sunday morning🙂

  3. I’ll let you know what’s down there!

  4. beautiful photo – love the way it leads your eye down the path – the light in the tree is fab too – clever photography lady you!

  5. Oh if only that road were yellow?! What a lovely shot. x

  6. Jo

    Tht ais stunning, I feel I’ve been there I must find out from you I love winding paths.

  7. Ah, fun fun fun makes me want to run down there too

  8. Stunning picture Chris. I love the lines and the light in it, makes the colours so vibrant. I can almost feel the sunlight shining through those leaves.

  9. pamperedmummy

    Looks like a lovely walk in te woods. Hope you didn’t find any bears!

  10. I love the sense of atmosphere… Sunshine through leaves has loads of photographic potential.

  11. Ooh where’s this? Very pretty!

  12. Lovely shot – it looks sunny but I bet it was lovely and cool in the shade of the trees… I almost feel like I’m there!

  13. Looking at this at 11.30pm after returning to Canterbury from our short spell in France. I could do with a walk like this!

  14. I would like to explore that woodland and see where that path goes. Lovely x

  15. Would not be able to resist running down a path like that – fab picture!

  16. How beautiful. Looks so peaceful. x

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