My love of the sea is no secret. When I saw the theme for this week’s Gallery I had a ‘sailing through mountainous seas’ shot in mind but the events of the last few nights have unsettled me. I needed something tranquil; I thought you might too.

For The Gallery at Sticky Fingers

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11 responses to “Water

  1. A beautiful photo, lovely and calming take on the theme x

  2. It had to be the sea for you!

  3. It could be a shattered windscreen (in keeping with current events) but you did say tranquil so I’m seeing the light refecting on the rippling water. Lovely.

  4. what a lovely pic. i want to dip my toes in🙂

  5. I grew up by the sea too, miss it so much!

    Your photo makes me feel really peaceful x

  6. Chris that is ne stunning water photo! Love the ripples of sand you can see too – the patterns emerging from the light reflecting on the water is lovely too x

  7. What a wonderful photo, makes me want to paddle just looking at it! I love the sea too, since we moved from the Coast I can’t wait for our holidays. The day before we come home I stand and say goodbye (quietly in case anyone hears me), it’s the most magical thing isn’t it!

  8. It is tranquil and perfect – thanks, as ever you are so thoughtful X

  9. What a gorgeous shot – my toes want to be in there!

  10. Just back from a busy day with the children and I so want to paddle in that water. Absolutely gorgeous.

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