Birth. The beginning of something.

When I first gave birth fifteen years ago it awakened in me an awareness of something huge. Something I had had no real idea of. Motherhood.

When I visited April 7th village in Guija, Mozambique it was motherhood and the shared experience of having given birth which broke down communication barriers between us and the women we met.

July 20th saw the launch of calling for 3.5 million more health workers worldwide, including 350 000 midwives.

1000 women die every day in pregnancy or childbirth and a large group of organisations including Save the Children and The White Ribbon Alliance have come together to call on governments for more health workers, better supported.

Health workers working with women throughout pregnancy and birth and beyond have a knock on effect on the health of entire communities.

Please sign this petition and this one to add your voice. I f you want to find out more visit The White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood, Save the Children and Health Workers Count

This post was written for Tara Cain’s Gallery at Sticky Fingers, this week’s topic is Birth. Click on the lens cup below to see more entries.




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16 responses to “Birth

  1. mummymummymum

    I can’t believe that many women still die each day in pregnancy and childbirth. Off to sign the petition now.

    Beautiful photos of your children. xx

  2. Motherhood changed something in me too. Like every decision you make, makes a big difference. So sad about the many women who still die in childbirth. Will sign now.

  3. So true. During my work in rural communities educating the public about Florida’s prenatal and infant programs, it was the one thing I could speak on and immediately bond with the women I met with. Great post.😉

  4. Thanks for informing us of this. I will promote it as I can.
    You do so much great work so very well done you.
    I just did a tongue in cheek post this week over at
    Your message is vital and I for one will help to spread the word

  5. Well done you for bringing this to the forefront again.


  6. Thanks for bringing up the petition. I love your little ones’ photos, all lined up🙂 Beautiful

  7. Such gorgeous photos of your little ones. Thanks for bringing up the statistics and the petition for such a good cause x

  8. What gorgeous pictures of your children, and it is scary that people are still dying in childbirth everyday will go and sign the petition now xx

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