Tea Cup Posies – Quick Craft

Walking past the gorgeous new florists which has opened in our town last week I was very taken with the posies she had arranged in tea cups, buckets and baskets. I am currently very short of cash and I couldn’t justify splashing out but the idea stuck in my head.

I trawled the charity shops, soaked some oasis and raided the garden. I am quite pleased. These cost  me £1.99 (and I have two side plates and a cake plate into the bargain!)

This one looks particularly lovely next to my favourite tin. Which contains cake. Which goes with tea, in a cup with a saucer, very well!

What is your best charity shop find? Have you any more ideas for me for flower arranging possibilities? I planted a wall of sweet peas and have them coming out of my ears!

Happily shared with Magpie Monday


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18 responses to “Tea Cup Posies – Quick Craft

  1. Gorgeous, I’ve never thought of doing it. Great for using flowers out of garden.

  2. How clever – love them! Sweet pea always reminds my of my Dad. He always had them in the garden and would put little vases of them in my bedroom whenever I came home. Lovely memories thanks. x

  3. How pretty and ideal if, like me, you don’t have large surface space free for big vases of flowers.

  4. What a lovely idea!:-)

  5. Sweet peas are my VERY favourite flower. Perhaps you could spoil me with one of your amazing photos of them?!

  6. littlebrownbird

    What a lovely idea. Really simple and pretty🙂

  7. What a gorgeous idea.

    So excited to have you join Magpie Monday too – albeit I haven’t had chance to post yet. Can you come back and link up later?

    I picked some roses from the garden and one snapped off right at the top of the stem. I floated it in a tea cup of water and it liiked beautiful when it opened out and filled the cup rim. x

  8. What fabulous teacups! And what a super idea. I’m off shopping!

  9. Those teacup flowers are gorgeous!

  10. Beautiful! a friend fills tea cups and saucers with scented candle (and gives them as gifts). You could use yours for flowers in summer and candle in winter!

  11. oh such gorgeous photos. I love flowers and miss being able to buy them so much.

  12. Of course I never remember where I see things but I did see someone nailed a row of rubber boots to the fence and planted flowers in them. Just this morning I saw a post about using old light bulbs as bud vases. (upside down, remove the inards.)

  13. This idea has come at just the right time. My friend’s birthday is this week and I am financially challenged!

  14. Our sweat peas are doing really well too but they’re in a boring vase. I may try something like that tomorrow. I’ve got a little collection of old cups and teapots which might just do. Thanks for the idea.

  15. Very pretty indeed. I have a giant teacup & saucer in my garden with petunias planted in them, looks ace x

  16. Love this idea. Don’t usually buy china but you have inspired me now.
    Lovely vibrant flowers too
    My Magpie Monday is late but is there at http://gigglingatitall.blogspot.com

  17. These look really lovely, what a great idea – I’m going to have a go doing that too, love it!

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