Silent Sunday


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18 responses to “Silent Sunday

  1. Stunning boy, he is going to be a heartbreaker.

  2. Ummm! I think he has muddled his instruments!😉

    Such a serious look – bless him!

  3. First thought was guitar hero! But, of course it’s a violin!! He is a handsome you young man! Xx

  4. Oh wow! This is such a lovely capture. Inspiration in the kitchen!

  5. What a dude x super cool.

  6. He looks like he takes his violin very seriously.

  7. Practising his waiting in the wings stance?

  8. a little musician… great snap

  9. Practice, practice and practice!🙂

  10. He looks like a little model🙂 cute!

  11. I’m with the majority, you are going to need a stick to beat those girls off! :p

  12. even got the upturned collar…lol

  13. Clearly I’m more shallow than all the rest of your commenters, but i have to say: Lush kitchen cabinets!

    You’re little man is so cool too :0)

  14. mummymummymum

    just gorgeous! xx

  15. I desperatley tried to open this when out shopping before (Trafford Centre) but 3G was naff there.
    This would be a fabulous pic of your gorgeous boy if you were a crap photographer – but you are not :oD
    Thanks for sharing – still think you should have done video footage on here.

  16. Darling, the Berlin Phil waits for no man, will you PLEASE bring me my bow!

    Fanbluddytastic shot!

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