Cheap and Cheerful – Something for the Weekend!

Four children are not cheap to entertain for the six-week summer holiday so I am always on the lookout for family friendly activities which cost very little or nothing at all! If you have one to share do pop it on the linky at the bottom or, if you haven’t blogged it/don’t blog leave me a comment. All help gratefully received!

This week’s Fab Freebie has been the library, we all love going and our local one is fantastic! Bonus Boy signed up for this year’s Summer reading challenge (the others have all outgrown it now but they are still reading!)

He is very excited about receiving his certificate in school assembly next term if he manages it! This week we borrowed three books which have been very happily shared.

Good Knight, Sleep Tight is one of a series we absolutely love. David Melling’s pictures are full of humour and his stories are charming and a joy to read aloud.

Polly Dunbar is an author and illustrator I hadn’t come across before and it’s always a delight to find someone new to read. Bonus Boy loves this story about the penguin who doesn’t say anything and then says so much, he particularly enjoys shouting the line ‘SAY SOMETHING’ at the top of his voice. Last night I heard him shouting from his bedroom and rushed up to see if he was ok to find him reading ‘Penguin’ again and shouting that particular line with gusto!

His third choice was non fiction (we have talked a lot about what fiction and non fiction means) he is a curious little chap and loves finding things out so this one is right up his street. Written for the RSPB by Mike Unwin and beautifully illustrated by Tony Sanchez ‘My First Book of Garden Wildlife’ is one he can have a go at reading himself with my help.

Other things we have been up to which don’t cost much (and which all begin with our letter of the week) are:

Woodland Walks


Washing the Windows

and Water fights

What have you got planned for the weekend? I’d love to see what you’re up to! Have you got a post to share to give us all some ideas? Something to do, something to make. something to read, somewhere to go – all are welcome! Old posts or new can be added to the link, we are building up quite a resource bank now! Please link back here, thank you, and grab the badge if you’d like.



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14 responses to “Cheap and Cheerful – Something for the Weekend!

  1. mutteringsofafool

    I have a 3 month old so hardly have the challenge of school holidays! But I am one of 5 children to my mum was always trying to find cheap things to do. One of my favourite activities was trying to catch minnows in a jam jar, you just need to find a little stream and take a jam jar on a bit of string. Simple and so exciting to discover what is under the surface

  2. Oooh we love the Penguin book and the sleepy knight one went down “Ok” (give it 6 months..). Fingers crossed for the reading challenge! Great way to get kids motivated!

    Our favourite non blogged activities are:
    * playing hide and seek (hide objects in the house or garden) – can be a 5min game to reinstall a good mood or a good 30min run around
    * as per the minnow idea above, mine love putting mud and leaves in a jar and hunt for bugs
    * playing with snap or memories cards and making up stories that could go with the pictures (we also like to align the cards not say “snap” but should out which cards are “Friends!”)
    * salt dough again and again and again…

    Maggy x

  3. Abby

    We’re big fans of Penguin, too! My son likes to act it out, so he puts on a happy hat, sings a silly song and does a dizzy dance, etc. So cute!

    We did this milk craft this morning, so easy and beautiful!

  4. We made an obstacle course in the garden. Such fun, I didn’t think it would be embraced with such vigour! Blowing bubbles is also very exciting, as is going to the local playground. On dull days we baked and coloured lots of pictures, and we made faces out of some Fimo I found. Will link some posts later x

  5. Libraries are a great thing to go, they have some reward stuff going on just now which is great. x

  6. We always do some baking in the school holidays. One of our favourite baking activities is making bread – because it’s cheap, creative and great fun!

  7. We went to the library pre-schoolers sing along this week: always loved by my kids! Always free. But the council have reduced opening times due to budget cut backs😦

  8. Oh and we love going blackberry foraging

    M x

  9. I love his approach to cleaning the windows!! What wet fun! Our library is having a revamp at the moment so they have cut back on the holiday activities😦

  10. Think I need to come back to England just for the libraries. Hopeless here and (whispers) German kids books are just not of the same calibre … at. all.
    Makes me sad. hereby loves me. As does Waterstones once a year (but Boo to baggage allowances on planes. Once again Boooo ….)
    I adore your SFTW posts. And your photography just gets better and better. Just sayin.

  11. Love the blog. I’m entertaining 3 + friends this summer; we cook — mine love even simple things like making their own sandwiches, esp the four-year-old, they’re allowed all sorts of mixtures inside as long as they eat it, then we’re off walking and swimming (we live near a beach). Also gardening which I hate but they love, and taking photos with a cheap digital camera to create collages on the PC on those rainy days when we’re all out of glitter ‘n’ glue.

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