Oreo Lick Race Challenge – Win A Flip Camera!

I am so excited about this giveaway! I am very selective about promotions I agree to take part in but this one is BRILLIANT! It ticks all the boxes for some silly family fun and will appeal to all of mine, from the 5-year-old to the 15-year-old (and the two 43 year olds!)

Oreo have sent me a flip camera with tripod, three packets of the new double creme Oreo biscuits, two plastic glasses and some badges so we can take part in the Oreo Lick challenge – and I have another Lick Challenge Kit to give away to one of you lucky, lucky people!

Getting involved in the Lick Race is easy peasy;  just Twist, Lick, Show, Dunk, Eat and film yourselves doing it!

Anyone can take part (not just the winner of the Flip!) and there are prizes including a VIP family holiday to Florida, Nintendo Wiis and Lick Race Kits! Oreo are also donating £1 for every Lick Race video uploaded to the children’s charity KidsOut so you can be doing good while you’re having fun…always a winning combination!

Have a look at the Oreo Lick Race website for full instructions, conditions of entry and for other ways to ‘win by watching’ (there are daily prizes up for grabs!)

You’ll have to hurry because the deadline for video entries is 31st July! We’ll be filming ours this week so watch this space!

I’m making entry here as easy as possible so, if you’d like to win a Lick Race Kit all you have to do is leave a comment below with your contact details.

For one extra entry you can tweet ‘I’m entering @christinemosler’ s giveaway to win a Flip Camera for the @Oreo Lick Race’ http://wp.me/pPrLb-XW

Deadline for entries to this giveaway is Monday 18th July at Midnight. I will draw the winner using the online number generator on Tuesday morning and will announce the winner on Twitter and on Thinly Spread at 10am. UK entry only.

Ready? Twist. Lick. Show. Dunk. Eat!

Disclosure: As already mentioned above, I have received a Lick Race Kit.


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210 responses to “Oreo Lick Race Challenge – Win A Flip Camera!

  1. This is a fab challenge! This is how my daughter eats all her biscuits anyway so I think she’ll have it in the bag (no idea where she gets such habits from..)😉

  2. And I’ve tweeted (@Mummy_V)

  3. Oh yes please, I’d love to win this!


  4. Tweeted as well.


  5. mutteringsofafool

    biscuits and a gadget awesome! @tipster28

  6. Yes please. My son would love this – he is addicted to Oreos. @ellen27. Am just off to tweet.

  7. Yes please. I tweeted too, hope I didn’t disqualify myself by adding the url in…

  8. Oh my word, I love oreos! Yes please! @eggdipdip on twitter

  9. Nel

    oh yes please. Fun and chocolate combined. Can it get any better?

  10. You are hilarious🙂

    off to tweet!


  11. What great fun, hope we win.
    Williams Family

  12. Whoop whoop – this one is mine I tell you, all mine.

  13. Oooo, I was gazing misty-eyed at Flips the other day! It’d be fab to win one. Enter me please!

    I can be contacted at insomniacmummy(at)gmail.com or @InsomniacMummy on twitter (I’ve tweeted aswell).

  14. @needaphone I’d challenge Rollie the cat

  15. I’d love to win this so I can make little films of Amy for my family



  16. I have also tweeted as



  17. Sam

    I would love to win this as I could actually enter a filming competition as I don’t have a camera at the moment:)

  18. If I have a UK mailing address can I please please enter? I so want a flip!

  19. wow, bet my little girl would make those biccies disappear in seconds, what a fab competition.x.

    Contact me on snowflake.unique@yahoo.com also entered as @maisielu on twitter.#

  20. Haha, that is a fun use of social media. @Mumonthebrink

  21. Ha Ha excellent give away @notyetayummymummy! x

  22. oh sorry put tweet address in wrong above @notyetayummymum

  23. Tweeted too @gingerbread_mum

  24. Hi there!
    My twitter name is @Dorothee77

    Grat giveaway!

  25. I’d love to win, have tweeted too!


  26. Wow, what a fab prize. I have my fingers and toes crossed for winning this one @wouldliketobe

  27. Am covering all bases so have tweeted too x

  28. pamela gossage

    Great prize. I would love to win this

  29. james

    Super prize.It would be fantastic to win.

  30. marcus

    great well done

  31. Sophia

    sophia_kearney@hotmail.co.uk or sophia_kearney on Twitter!

  32. Abigail Craig

    I love oreos! adalef@hotmail.co.uk
    Have also twittered @adalef

    from Abigail Craig

  33. greig henderson


  34. Tracy W

    Oh my, that looks a very yummy idea!

  35. Sarah Laycock

    Would love to be included – contact details @scrumpy11

  36. Danielle Carter

    oooh what a great prize🙂 Love love LOVE Oreos!!!

    Have tweeted too @dancarter88❤

    Good Luck to everyone🙂 xx

  37. Sarah Laycock

    Have tweeted @scrumpy11

  38. I’d be quite happy with just the tripod! But I’ll take the whole kit of course🙂

  39. Inga

    Great giveaway. would come inhandy for the summer holidays!

  40. Lickety spit – I’ve tweeted @jennyp19

  41. Emma H

    I’d love to win this prize! Thanks a lot🙂

  42. Paul Wilson

    Mmmm Oreos.

  43. nicknac

    nomnomnom oreo’s😀

  44. Gareth Hughes

    great fun🙂

  45. Cheers for the ace giveaway. About to tweet.

  46. Ashleigh

    please include me!

  47. Ashleigh

    i have tweeted as @ashlallan

  48. Jane Willis

    It really is the ONLY way to eat biscuits! I’m @janesgrapevine on Twitter and I’ve tweeted.

  49. lesley stevens

    this looks like good fun! @benabilou

    have also retweeted.

  50. Helen

    Great prize

  51. Coralie Pearson

    Fab giveaway

  52. lick race top trumps.. oreo coookie milk shakes!!! wise words from my daughter
    tweeted @kohsamuirosie

  53. Brilliant com! Would so love to win! @Chaoskay :O) x

  54. tweeted too @maemaesmummy

  55. Jo McPherson

    Fingers crossed

  56. FionaLynne Edwards

    Wow! Thanks for the giveaway. This would be great to keep the kids quiet over the summer holls!


  57. FionaLynne Edwards

    I’ve tweeted too


  58. Emma Jane

    Fabulous giveaway! @handbag2000

  59. Emma Jane

    Tweeted @handbag2000

  60. Emma Jane

    Brilliant ! Would so love to win! @handbag2000

  61. Jill

    Wow what a lovely prize oreos and a camera

  62. Hmmm – Oreo’s and Milk….nom nom nom

    Tweeted @philibaldi

  63. liz denial

    great prize, thank you

  64. Rory campion

    Tweeted @cheekimunkie

  65. Rebecca John

    Fab prize

  66. Christopher McKendrick

    Tweeted: @alteredgeist🙂 my contact email is: chris_mckendrick@hotmail.co.uk

  67. Lisa Collins

    Great prize! @Lisaa_1

  68. Julie Brett


  69. I’m tweeting and following @buddybanana🙂

  70. sharon louise hughes

    super prize

  71. A Harrington

    fab prize! *fingers and toes crossed*

  72. Solange

    Great prize

  73. Ruth Grover

    Thank you….xx

  74. Jay

    This looks like so much fun! Have tweeted too – @cheekychicken24 on Twitter x

  75. Danielle Welsh

    Fab prize ! Tweeted giveaway @DanielleWelsh2🙂

  76. Maria Reilly

    Brilliant, me, me, me!!


    i neeeed to win this xx

  78. Angela Walker

    Great Prize

  79. M Evans

    GOODLUCK ALL!!!!! Fantastic prize

  80. Vivien Baird

    I have tweeted @domsgran

  81. Thanks so much for the lovely giveaway – the biscuits and gadgets look fab!!! Please enter me into the draw! @TracyNixon xxx

  82. Tweeted too @TracyNixon xxx

  83. Jo Young

    Ooh I would love to win @BoostieBoo

  84. Jo Young

    I have tweeted the competition – @BoostieBoo🙂

  85. marina frow

    would love to win this!

  86. Please enter me @anna8301

  87. Have tweeted @anna8301

  88. kelly smith

    fab giveaway, tweeted @kellyroxanne82

  89. Please enter me – @pepicola3

  90. Have tweeted – @pepicola3

  91. Marzena

    fabulous prize🙂
    I would love to win🙂
    @marzutek on twitter

  92. Marzena

    I tweeted @marzutek

  93. Nina C

    Mmmmmm Oreos (@nc099)

  94. Teresa Lee

    Fantastic comp….thanks

  95. Immortal Beloved

    great prize, good luck everyone
    tweeted @IckiePooh

  96. Stefan

    Great prize

  97. jennifer thorpe

    I’d love to win – please include me🙂

  98. Mrs H

    Ha, the race is on!!! This prize is genius!!

  99. Sarah D

    brillant!! @jedisarah on twitter

  100. Please enter me, twweting @finleypoppet e-mail finleypop@o2.co.uk

  101. Ellie Peabody

    Have tweeted too🙂

  102. Laura Sterling

    would love to win this good luck everyone

  103. M

    tweeted at @angeldaisy2002

    Good luck everyone🙂

  104. I tweeted @ihateipswich please enter my email yellowandgreen@btinternet.com

  105. I’d be desperately trying to protect the video camera… before I realised the kids wer eonly in it for the biscuits🙂 Great giveaway!

  106. Cheryll H

    Sounds soooo much fun, my kids would love this for the biscuits alone! I’m @pipersky1 on Twitter🙂

  107. Cheryll H

    I’ve tweeted your giveaway too🙂 @pipersky1 on Twitter🙂

  108. cecelia allen

    please enter me. tweeting as @cistolic

  109. Dan Caldon

    cool prize

  110. Victoria B

    Please enter me in the draw.

  111. Bob Clark

    Choccccolaaaaaattttteee !!!!!!

  112. Raj Sandhu

    Please enter me, have tweeted too @RAJmse🙂

  113. mmm oreos, they are amazing. Please enter me. x

  114. Georgina Ball

    I would so win! Enter me please!

  115. The kids just broke up today so this would definately keep them occupied for a while!

  116. Kate H

    Fabulous, have tweeted too @kooky_kate x

  117. Claire Williams

    I’ve tweeted @clairewill83, or email me on claire2107@live.co.uk. Thanks, great prize!

  118. Mrs Phillips

    Lovely prize, I’ve haven’t tried Oreo’s yet.

  119. kerrie

    fab giveaway🙂


  120. kerrie

    tweeted😀 @kemo_2002

  121. Please count me in


  122. Tweeted too


  123. lottie

    How quick can you lick?

  124. Rebecca John

    Tweeted @becky0020

  125. robin brooksbank


  126. Claire Hyde

    fabulous, my boys would love this

  127. Kelly Koya

    I’d love to win this!

  128. Lowri Davies

    Would LOVE this🙂

  129. Gill Manwaring

    Yum. @Opaline09

  130. Emily Spooner

    oooh my daughter would love this!

  131. CMF

    I would love to be entered please

  132. CMF

    I have tweeted too

  133. Please enter me, I’ve wanted a Flip Camera for ssssooooo long. And we’re a house full of Oreo lovers, so this would be perfect.


  134. love oreos in our house! this looks like fun, I’m sure the 5 year old would be our winner!

  135. N Parker

    tweeted @nsp1274

  136. Allan

    Tweeted @alsmonster
    email: Aalandjana@aol.com

  137. Jane

    Thanks for the giveaway.
    Tweeted @felixisfriend

  138. Would love to win this fun prize. count me in!
    Contact me @ kellmartinspeaks @ gmail dot com

  139. I’d love to win this. I have tweeted to at @helga16

  140. andi g

    Ooooh! Love Orios!! Shame the kids are on holiday, if I win I will have to share the prize!!!!

  141. Ohh yes, yes please Chris!

    I have tweeted too.

    Cheers, Mich x

  142. katherine grieve

    yes please!!

    I have tweeted


  143. Katherine Coldicott

    Biscuits and fun. Great prize

  144. Katherine Coldicott

    Have tweeted @Dwerrycat

  145. TWEETED @PINKTEEGAN Great prize

  146. Caroline French

    Great prize and soooo much fun with the family mmmmmOreos!!

  147. Jaime Hyland

    Have tweeted – @jaimecheese

  148. Jennifer Kelly

    How sexy are Oreo’s?! Yum!!!! My kids love them too but not sure if they’d get a look in😉


  149. Jennifer Kelly

    Have also tweeted the competition


  150. andrea clist

    Great Prize !

  151. Great comp thanks🙂 Will be tweeting as @sparky61

  152. Donna Baxter

    me and my sis have been practicing our own Oreo Lick It races – she usually wins!!!! lol

    my contact dets are:

    @dmbaxt on twitter


    or Donna Baxter on Facebook

  153. Sally Willcock

    I can really imagine our household having good fun with this too. @mselts

  154. Stuart Osborne

    I do like the look of this prize – thanks. @ossiesheep

  155. Stuart Osborne

    Tweeted as above @ossiesheep

  156. Sally Willcock

    I have tweeted your ‘tweet’ @mselts

  157. hazel rush

    i’d love to win oreos are my favourite!! hazelrush54(at)yahoo(dot)co.uk

  158. Keith Hopwood

    Oreo-ver and do it all again!!! Heheh!

  159. Andrea Caizley

    fab comp, enter me please @andiecaz on twitter. x

  160. Andrea Caizley

    have rt @andiecaz on twitter. x

  161. Katie Smith

    yesss this is so fun!!

  162. How fantastic! Love Oreos!! Have tweeted as @DawnCosten

  163. Rachel Medhurst

    Looks great….following @rachelmedhurst



  165. Fab Giveaway, would love to win

  166. strewthie

    My tongue is being limbered up as I write this!

  167. Dee

    The trouble with Oreos is, I always end up eating half the packet at once!

  168. Laura Sanderson

    Pick Me!

  169. Brian Williams

    Tweeted…….fab prize!

  170. Laura Poyner

    Tweeted @claranaccarelli

  171. Enjoy making your video!
    annaojbee@yahoo.co.uk or @annaojobee

  172. My son adores oreo’s


  173. Jenna Appleseed

    jend80@gmail.com / buymytatpls on twitter

  174. I love Oreo’s! Fab competition.
    I’m @joanneblunt on twitter

  175. I have also tweeted.

  176. oh what fun to do the oreo’s lick challenge

  177. Charlotte Bee

    fab! @i_saw_it_first

  178. Yum – something for everyone. Delicious biccies for the kids and a lovely little camera for me and hubby…..perfect!


  179. Ooooh and I’ve tweeted too.


  180. Michelle Bamber

    Would love to win this prize ( Love oreo’s) 🙂 it would be great with the summer hols coming up

  181. Michelle Bamber

    Have also tweeted ~ @manna137

  182. Primrose

    Fab prize! I’d love to win it

  183. Primrose

    Have also tweeted- @Nomtshovana

  184. Rebecca Denyer

    My four kids love Oreo’s it would be so funny to film them doing the challenge

  185. Rebecca Denyer

    Tweeted as beclee09

  186. @auntygeek


    An Oreo competition… mmm… Yes please.

  187. Emma Boitoult

    Yummy oreos, have tweeted! @duckard12

  188. Got to have a go at this – my four would love it!

  189. And I tweeted it🙂 @KrisWW

  190. Andrew Gibson

    Oreos have lots of variations on how different people eat them. It reminds me of school when everybody used to eat Twix’s in there own personal way. Great memories, I hope Oreo’s have the same effect on my kids as the Twix did with me.. Plus they are Tasty…

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