Silent Sunday


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41 responses to “Silent Sunday

  1. Oooh you been in London Town? x

  2. Jenny paulin

    Elementary Christine!! Was it easy to track down or did you have to investigate lots of avenues!? Lol ok I am off now xx

  3. Oh wow! That’s awesome! I have no idea why I’m quite so psyched as I don’t even like the Sherlock Holmes books! But oooooh!

  4. Jo

    Was Gerry Rafferty there too?πŸ˜‰

  5. This one has always confused me. Wasn’t Sherlock Holmes a fictional character? Why does he get a Blue Plaque? Does Dangermouse have one too on the post box? :0)

  6. I couldn’t quite see it to check at first but the number is so clear & well known. Good spot Chris!

  7. Lol at Liz’s comment, I would never have thought about the peculiarity of a fictional character having a plaque, but I’m intrigued about Dangermouse too, now.

  8. I think there is also one on the Old Curiosity Shop but I can’t remember where it is.

  9. I love Blue Plaques! I take it you had a good walk around whilst the Mr was on W Ex?

  10. Hope you were wearing the hat

    • In my imagination I was…I wasn’t too keen on the idea of popping the one they had there for photographs on to my head or sucking on the pipe, too many people had already been there. Ewww!

  11. I really must get to London at some point so many intresting things!

  12. Ooooh, nice. Was Jude Law about? Or Robert Downey Jr.? Hehe!

  13. Yes, I wonder how many other fictional characters have blue plaques? It would be good to find out…

  14. Oh how fabulous! Hope you and your lovely boy had a wonderful day x

  15. Oh I love finding special places, like birth houses, places where famous people lived and and and. So exciting…

  16. Brilliant…and a new series is starting too soon! Are you a Sherlock fan? I just loved it. x

  17. mummywalker

    I do love spotting blue plaques! There is one in on a building in Isleworth, West London indicating that Vincent Van Gogh once lived there. Always caught my eye and made me think ‘Hope he didn’t cut his ear off there!’

  18. If this is the right place then this is where I workπŸ™‚

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