Our Favourite Walk – A Vlog

We went on our favourite walk today, and vlogged it – what do you think?


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24 responses to “Our Favourite Walk – A Vlog

  1. alisonwells

    Gorgeous! Lovely to see!

  2. What a stunning walk, I need to find walks around the area for us to enjoy.

    • Oh you do! We have walked a lot with ours ever since they were tiny and they love it. There are somethies complaints about leaving the house but once we’re out they’re away! It’s also cheap (as in free) which is important when there are so manu of us and everyone likes it across the age range!

  3. Beautiful, looks like a great walk and lovely editing it all together.

    Your kids all have such gorgeous dark, glossy hair.

    Mich x

  4. My word, does BB walk anywhere or is running his only speed!

  5. It looks a lovely walk, great fun and fantastic countryside. Thank you for sharing – @welshmumwales

  6. Fabulous! I loved the music too! There’s something lovely about sunshine filtered through leaves and it’s great to see your kids running around having such a laugh. :O) I tried to vote, but it wouldn’t let me. Maybe I did it wrong or something.

  7. That is such a lovely uplifting vlog! Big energy from the kids and great music too, What is it?

  8. How lovely – we spoopent the day trying to cycle without stabilisers..hot and sticky nd not there yet. Your children look so happy x

  9. That’s a cute video. The walk looks fab too xx

  10. Rachel

    Lovely scenery and superbly put together video. The music was great, very in-keeping with the action🙂 x

  11. JD

    Beautiful. Can I ask a cheeky question? Where is it? I would love to do it and am always on the look out for new walks in Somerset that I can take my disabled 5yr old on. Are there any styles or kissing gates?

  12. JD

    I shall, I usually park at Alfred’s Tower. Is there somewhere better to access the Stourhead Estate?

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