Making A Marble Run – Something for the Weekend!

Bonus Boy spent a lot of time last weekend constructing a marble run out of boxes and tubes and LOTS of sellotape. He had so much fun!

He started with a plan (not compulsory but he is very keen on maps and plans at the  moment!)

He then gathered together his resources and pointed at high shelves a lot, ordering me about. ‘I need THAT tube Mummy’ Before embarking on his project.

It needed a few adjustments when the marble got stuck

And a helping hand from Dad

But the end result was a triumph

He has been hoarding boxes and tubes all week, ‘rescuing’ them from the recycling store so I suspect this may grow a bit more and possibly take over the house entirely before too long!

What have you got planned for the weekend? I’d love to see what you’re up to! Have you got a post to share to give us all some ideas? Something to do, something to make. something to read, somewhere to go – all are welcome! Old posts or new can be added to the link, we are building up quite a resource bank now! Please link back here, thank you, and grab the badge if you’d like.


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4 responses to “Making A Marble Run – Something for the Weekend!

  1. Bless him, I adore the map🙂

    A marble run is so on our to do list. I remember making a marble maze at school once. I was so proud of it, even though my marble get getting stuck. Lots of fun!

    Thanks for the Kids Get Crafty link🙂


  2. What a great idea! Thanks for that.

  3. This is fantastic! My girls would love this idea… I might save it for our upcoming 2 week winter school holiday break here in NZ!

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