East Africa – What Can I Do?

I have been banging on about blogging activism for some time now and many, many of you have asked what you can do.

Use your voice.

From little acorns, big trees grow.

Write a blog post. Send a tweet. Write a facebook update. Not every person you reach out to will pass it on but some will and that is what matters because from there it keeps spreading.

This week, Save the Children has launched its biggest appeal ever. Nine million people face starvation as a combination of drought and rising world food prices leaves them with nothing.

Thousands of children will die without help, we need to act NOW. Every little bit helps, so please donate whatever you can afford to the appeal and help spread the word.

This is Umi. She is three months old. She weighs 3lbs 7oz.

My smallest baby weighed 8lbs 11oz when he was born.

It’s so hard to look at these pictures. I remember seeing Paulo and his mother in Chicumbane. I remember his eyes. I couldn’t look away. Please don’t turn away from Umi.

She is one of the lucky ones. She’s in the right place. She is receiving help.

Don’t turn your back on these children and these families. Don’t walk away. Don’t close your eyes.

Donate to the Save the Children appeal and blog about it. Tell people. Use your voice.

Do it now.

Thank you.

(Edit, added 12/7/11.) Since the launch of the DEC appeal (bringing together the major aid agencies), there are now many more ways of donating. One of the easiest is to text AFRICA to 70000 and donate £5 immediately.

Click here to find other ways of donating.


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10 responses to “East Africa – What Can I Do?

  1. Aly

    So sad.Hard to believe we all live in the same world really.Where I can get the STC images from.I’ll write something over weekend

  2. Ah, Chris. This is a fantastic. You are a blogging activist extraordinaire and we thank you!

  3. Thanks Chris for such a poignant post. We’re on the ground doing all we can.

    Thanks Aly for your reply. We’re looking for as many people as possible to blog so please take a look at the link Chris has left above and lend us your voice.
    Many thanks,

    Save the Children

  4. And all this is going on while I’m making a shopping list to go to the supermarket. It’s truly sickening. Thank you for reminding us that we do indeed have a voice, especially with our Internet presence.

  5. Well put Chris. My post is scheduled for tomorrow morning.

    Mich x

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