If A Child….

Written by Dorothy Law Nolte

I have this on my kitchen cupboard and I try hard not to do the first four and to do the last seven. They remind me that my children are mini people who should be treated as such and allowed to grow.

I think that is why my Bonus Boy is relaxed and confident enough to appear in the kitchen way beyond his bedtime with post it notes carefully placed on his face saying ‘HO HO HO, Merry Christmas’ in July.

Children learn what they live.


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10 responses to “If A Child….

  1. So true Chris. I think it should be in every classroom!

  2. What an important reminder. I’m not always the parent I’d like to be, the job is too difficult for that. But i want all those things for my kids.


  3. That’s beautiful. I’m going to print a copy…

  4. What a difference to how we were brought up: No praise in case it makes you big headed, gentle but constant ridicule to improve your character, scold first and listen later, and if all else fails administer a good spanking. And they said loved us to bits! Go figure.

  5. What Midlife Singlemum said.
    Despite slapping myself in the face every night before I go to sleep and waking up each morning full of good intentions, I am still all of the bad bits. When I was a kid, I vowed I would ‘do things differently’ when I had my own. I fail, every day.

  6. Parenting is hard work especially when you are away from family and have no support. But I always try to remember these,beautiful poem.

  7. Brilliant post, you teacher you!

  8. Such a good reminder I love that list I want it on my kitchen too! It is wonderful! Brilliant picture as well just fab, it isn’t long xx

  9. I love that (and think the idea it goes up in every classroom is brilliant)

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