Silent Sunday


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19 responses to “Silent Sunday

  1. I adore broad beans. Lovely shot of them nestled in their pillowy sleeping bag :0)

    My favourite way to eat them: quicky fried in a pan with slices of chorizo and red pepper. Yum.

  2. Ooo it looks so warm and fluffy in there!!

  3. What a wonderful picture. It does look cosy! Never would have thought have taken that shot

  4. Nom nom nom, those would not make it to the pot, I would eat them just like that. x

  5. Jenny paulin

    Little beans inSide their sleeping bag pod! Bet they taste good too :0

  6. you’ve ‘BEAN’ raving about them for days. Now I see why! Very clever photo too!

  7. Ah, so summery. This would be a great shot for an advertising campaign, really nicely taken.

  8. Gorgeous photograph and very, very appetizing too!

  9. Nom nom nom… I am guessing these are from your garden! Lovely!


  10. Wow, the texture inside that pod is captured to amazing detail and clarity.

  11. Oh that is gorgeous! What a fab shot of home grown!

  12. What a beautiful green! I just wish i could encourage my family to eat them! Excellent photo.

  13. Beautiful photo. Ours are only just starting to grow.

  14. That is amazing!! What a clever shot x

  15. I love this – it’s so different but lovely at the same time. Feels “fresh” if that makes sense?

  16. Brilliant picture and same theme as mine! xx

  17. ooh what a great picture x

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