At The Ritz!

This week’s Gallery theme over at Sticky fingers is ‘Three Word Gallery’. I have gone from one extreme to another in the last two weeks and my head and my heart are trying to process it. Today, I was At The Ritz with the lovely people from Bic Kids, with me were Jen from the Madhouse, Beckie from Baby Budgeting, Maria from Mummy’s Busy World as well as the ladies from London Mums. I shall be writing about it over the next few days but here is my photo just to set the tone!

It was the most delicious chocolate cake I have ever eaten. In my whole life. I have eaten a lot of chocolate cake.


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12 responses to “At The Ritz!

  1. Diet … must … not …. look … at … cake …

  2. PHWOAR! What a piece of chocolate cake, you lucky lady!

  3. mummymummymum

    that looks amazing….. x

  4. It does look absolutely delicious… And I have eaten a lot of chocolate cakes too!

  5. Now this is starting to get a bit irritating. Just where was my invite to the Ritz? The Ritz?! To eat chocolate cake. CAKE! So not on.



  6. It was delicious and a fab afternoon, made all the better by you being there

  7. On jealousy points – you win!

  8. that is one very yummy looking cake!

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