Silent Sunday


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16 responses to “Silent Sunday

  1. Mmmm beautiful. Makes my mouth tang!

  2. Oooooh! This takes me back, to being a child in my grandmother’s garden… she always had these and white and black ones. The red were always best!

  3. Really, really lovely – great light and wonderful colours!

  4. Another beautiful photo taken by you! Those berries look so succulent and the colour is lovely xx

  5. Oh they look lush and plump and ready for picking

  6. ‘Berry’ nice… mahahha (I’ll get my coat)

  7. Bootiful – my hair was that colour six months ago🙂

  8. Lovely redcurrants. I have some in my garden too…

  9. Fi

    Berry nice! Haha- no seriously, a fab photograph!

  10. Redcurrants will forever remind me of visiting my grandparents when I was little and they lived at the family cabin the woods. Finding ripe wild redcurrants was always my favourite thing to do while visiting.

  11. Lovely; succulent and juicy.

  12. Lovely berries. I know they’re redcurrants but they look almost Christmassy.

  13. We collected loads from next door, who didn’t want them, and made 3 jars of jelly . Yum .Such beautiful shiny red

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