At the end of the most unbelievable two weeks, we have the result we needed. The world’s leaders have pledged enough money to fill the funding gap and indeed exceeded it! I cannot tell you how that feels! I could leap up and punch the air, scream and whoop, turn a cartwheel, do an embarrassing Mum dance.

Now GAVI can carry on their good work and roll out the new vaccines and begin to stop children dying needlessly from diarrhoea and pneumonia. They can provide vaccines against those preventable childhood illnesses which our children receive as their right.

I have been privileged to watch Save the Children health workers providing such an incredible service in such difficult circumstances and to write about it. I only scratched the surface of the work this dedicated organisation is involved with. Every single person I met was willing to go the extra mile and beyond for these children. It was humbling.

As I sit here in this social media lounge, surrounded by tweeters, bloggers and press all pushing out information at speed my mind drifts back to Dulsa in April 7th village receiving a 5 in 1 Pentavalent vaccine and polio drops which will give her the possibility of a disease free start to life.

The announcement today means that she and all those other children just like her are given a chance at life. How fantastic is that?

It has been quite a ride. It doesn’t stop here.

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28 responses to “Result!!!

  1. Ok you did it, I’m in tears. This campaign has really touched me and to get such a result – you are all stars, everyone campaigning, everyone signing. Bloody love you all, as I’m sure do 4million others.

  2. Knew you’d rock it. Well done to all of you.


    I watched every second of the conference. SO happy for all the Dulsa’s out there, for GAVI and for every single person who contributed to getting this result. I’m punching the air with you Girl! I really am.
    Now go home and get some well deserved rest. Your family will be simply bursting with pride as we all are. An astounding achievement🙂
    MJM xx

  4. Amazing news. I must say I was fearful that it would be the usual excuses and shiftiness. Thrilled that you all did it. x

  5. Fantastic news🙂 Well done x

  6. Happy Dance! Happy Dance! Happy Dance! Happy Dance! Happy Dance! Happy Dance!

    WELL DONE!!!!!


    Maggy xxx

  7. gunia

    that is so amazing🙂 just saying thank you to all that help and please carry on on helping others🙂 soo happy!!!😀

  8. Tali

    Well done.🙂

  9. Wowzers! I know I said I was impressed but as each day goes by, each achievement bigger than the last, my ‘impressed’ has turned into a mixture of utterly bowled over and taken aback and proud and excited and thrilled and, well, just speechless really. Hugs xx

  10. Jenny paulin

    Yay🙂 that’s fantastic news! So happy for you and all your hard work, to everyone who signed the petition , to save the children and for all those children who will benefit . Brilliant xx

  11. Well done to everyone. it has been a pleasure to go on this trip with you. Whoop!

  12. So proud of your amazing achievements and what a huge change this will make to thousands of childrens lives.

  13. What an absolutely amazing achievement! Well done you. I hope that you are very proud of yourself xx

  14. This has been an incredible ride. As I sit here on my train to the north I am thinking of all the amazing things we have seen over the past few weeks. It was made even better because of you – you were a wonderful travelling companion. Thank you, for your company, your humour, your support and your friendship.

    Here’s to the next adventure – wherever it may take you, because I have a feeling, this was only the beginning.

  15. Brilliant! We were keeping track via the radio news & were just SO pleased when the funal announcement came. You can now have a rest! Let me know if there is anything else the Head’s Office can help! Yay!

  16. Absolutely fantastic news. x

  17. This has given me tears!!

    OMG you guys are so amazing, what you have achieved is just unbelievable, you must all be so so so proud.

    IOU a HUGE sloppy kiss at Cybermummy x

  18. I’ve been following you, but haven’t commented before. It’s GREAT news, isn’t it? Thank you so much for your part in it.

  19. Well done to you for your part in all of this, great news.

  20. Such amazing, life changing news! Fantastic! You are one inspirational woman!

  21. Well done Christine, you should be very proud of yourself.

  22. Hooray! Well done you and Save the Children for brining so many of us onto this amazing journey that will make such a difference to all those voiceless children – they have now been heard!!

  23. mum

    Awesome , So proud of you. Well done to you and all your supporters.

  24. I read the news on the subtitled televisions at my work yesterday and was thinking of you all and how happy and proud you must be. Result doesn’t even touch it does it, amazing, just amazing.

  25. I am so proud of you.

    Well done x

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