Silent Sunday


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19 responses to “Silent Sunday

  1. Wowsers! Off to read your post now. x

  2. See now that is just showing off! :p
    Well done lovely, so proud of you (all!). A week on a remote island now with the family to recover?

  3. Been following your endeavours for the past couple of weeks, Christine. Saw you on the news, did the petition, read your posts. You’re a seriously impressive lady. Hats off and congratulations to you. Your family must be incredibly proud of you.

  4. The words on the board behind you say it all. But you truly deserve this picture Chris.
    Much respect to Bill Gates too for giving the time to promoting such an amazing cause.

  5. What a lovely couple you make. Bet you wish you had his money and do more wonderful things with it, even tho he’s a very generous msn

  6. Jenny paulin

    Brilliant! You look great🙂 #passiton

  7. Wow! Amazing…in fact everything you have done recently comes under the heading of amazing!!! xxxx

  8. Awesome. this time a year ago would you have thought?


  9. You have been amazing. Congratulations for all your hard work. xx

  10. Yay, saw your tweet earlier about waiting for this shot. You got it all right! Hope you are doing really well, I can’t keep up, you’re doing an amazing job x

  11. Fantastic, you look so exhilarated!

    Mich x

  12. Congratulations, you amazing woman. What an ambassador.

  13. That is just MEGA, MEGA, MEGA! You are a legend! xxxx

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