A Voice For The Voiceless

Now I am home I am caught up in a media storm of interviews ahead of handing in the petition at Downing Street on Friday. Today I was asked a question which got to the very heart of what I am trying to do.

‘What do you hope to achieve?’

I want to give these mothers a voice and their children a chance. They are the voiceless. They don’t have internet access or telephones. They can’t climb in to an aeroplane and fly across the world to stand up and shout for their children.

We visited The Chicumbane Rural Hospital and met two mothers and their children on the paediatric ward.

This is Christina, she had walked from her village to a road, carrying her sick child. She had then travelled for four hours to get her son to the hospital. Just getting to the hospital has cost her far more than she can afford. She has left her other children in the care of her community. She sleeps in the grounds of the hospital where her child is being treated. There is no running water at the hospital so she helps to carry barrels of water into the building. Barrels of standing water are an inviting home for mosquitos…

Her son is called Paulo. He is 18 months old and is half the size he should be, he is malnourished and struggling. He may well leave the hospital carrying something else with him. Paulo has enough to cope with without catching an easily preventable disease. His chances of survival are slim. I can’t save him but if I can shout loud enough with your help we will be able to save 4 million just like him. Children shouldn’t be dying of malaria, pneumonia and diarrhoea. It’s not right.

This little one has malaria. She is called Dinercia and her Mum is called Isaura. I’m naming the nameless. Shouting for the voiceless.

That’s what I want to achieve. I’m a mum. I feel their pain.

Please shout loud. Sign the petition. Tweet and retweet it. Put it on your facebook page. Write a blog post. Call your friends and family. Make some noise for the voiceless.


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24 responses to “A Voice For The Voiceless

  1. You are doing it again, you are making me cry.

    So so sad that things are already too late for “the sick children now”. Hopefully thing really will change for the children that follow.

    Big hugs to you


  2. Fab post Christine…nearly made me cry too! Keep up the good work.

  3. Oh Christine, tears again. Why in God’s name are those children suffering? They should be going to a hospital to get better not worse?

    • That’s why the vaccination programme is so important. It comes with health workers to administer them and health workers bring advice. It all adds up to a healthier population long term, start with this and build. Small but essential steps.

  4. Fantastic post hun, really makes you think and I think anyone as a mum holds their hand out to them to try to help. There are things we moan about everyday that concern this country but the one thing is we have vaccines for our children, we have NHS. You know in Baba’s short little live he has had two convulsions, if we lived out there it is hideous to think about! You are doing such an amazing job and have made me cry lots these past couple of weeks, as I always come back to Baba and his convulsions! xxx

    • My second son has asthma and when he was a babe we had some hairy scary dashes to hospital. It doesn’t bear thinking about and it is why we have to reach out our hands and stand up and shout. Thank you so much for your support. x

  5. Fantatsic post, such powerful words. Keep telling their names, make them real to all who read.

  6. JD

    I just discovered you via Kate at Kate Takes 5. You are doing an amazing thing. Thank you for standing up for the voiceless. I am thinking about those mothers and how they love their children just like me. And how I would feel if one of my children passed away. I would break. There must be so many mothers, breaking, all over the world. Thank you for helping them.

  7. That is exactly what I wanted to get across, thank you so much for taking the time to comment. x

  8. Excellent blog- very inspirational.

  9. Their faces tell it all. It must have been heart breaking at tines for you

  10. So moving, incredible post. These women are amazing, I hope you’ve managed to make a difference. You’re right, no child / mother / family should have to suffer like this.

  11. Retweeted and facebooked – have passediton

    well bloody done you my mascara is ruined for the night.

    its very wrong, well done for helping make it right x

  12. Wow. Incredible post. Signing the petition right now.

  13. mummymummymum

    I was sat here worrying about something small and silly and now it has all been put into perspective. We are so lucky to have access to a healthcare system and we should not take it for granted.

    Well done you for helping such an incredible cause. I will look for you on Daybreak tomorrow. xxxx

  14. I have been wondering what to write, how to say what I want to say. You are wonderful, you live your life with such intergraty. These people are lucky to have tyou as their voice and I know that you will be so elequent and an amazing voice for them.

  15. Outstanding post. Made me cry.

  16. when I clicked on the link on twitter i don’t know what i expected but i wasn’t expecting to cry. i am seriously awestruck. by the women and their stories and by you for bringing their voices to us. thank you christine. brilliant. xxx

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